Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pictures and Updates

Logan and his cousin.

Logan doing some physical therapy with the compression vest.
 A little Valentine's Day treat with Mommy.
 More physical therapy - and learning some body awareness.
 It's more fun to practice reading when you have your cousin to read to! :)

All squeaky clean after his bath! 
The last few weeks have been extremely challenging and sometimes I find myself super-duper grouchy with less patience. It's not fun. I head to bed and find myself thinking of all of the things I should have, could have done differently to avoid the meltdowns, arguments, etc. I am not perfect. It's just that roller coaster of emotions that decide to show up whenever, wherever! I have cried at least 3 times this week (and I am not a crier). I think it is just one of those moments where I wonder "why?" Not having a timeline as to when these behaviors will disappear (if ever) is stressful. I hate it that Logan has been so upset lately with little I can do to soothe him. He is now 67 pounds and to pick him up and carry him is out of the question. This is extremely difficult when we are out in public and something triggers his tantrum/meltdown. Not only is he held hostage by "the monster", I am also stuck in the grocery with a crying, screaming, sprawled out on the floor child whom I can't lift to get the heck out of there. Instead we endure the looks of those around until it passes. I wish they could just understand. I knew the day that I would no longer be able to carry him would come, but dang it, it came sooner than I expected!
The good thing is...we are hanging in there and taking one day at a time. "This too shall pass" is something we remind ourselves of daily.
Thank you for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! The kiddos are excited that we will have Daddy home ALL weekend!

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