Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Logan Update:

Yesterday we visited Logan's psychiatrist for a "check-in." We discussed many things. One in particular was that my husband accidentally took Logan's medication (mistook it for his own when I handed it to him) while we were in Florida and it knocked him out completely - to the point it was SCARY! He couldn't wake up! He was like that on the beach for over 8 hours (and has a nice sunburn to prove it). After that incident we decided that the medication seems so harsh - How in the world if a grown man 10 times the size of Logan can't take it, can he take it? We discussed this with his doctor and she explained that his brain is made up completely different. Obviously that it why he can still be hyper as all get out and not be affected the same way as my dear husband.

Neil and I had also discussed prior to going that we would like her to wean him off of all his medications so that we can see what his "normal" is. He has been on medications for almost 2 years for his developmental delay/mood disorder/ADHD. There has never been a complete stop between the med changes - they (the drs) always phase from one right to the other. We have no idea what to expect - it may be pure hell - but it may be a huge surprise. In my gut I just feel like maybe it's the medications with some of the behavior issues - like them causing him to be over tired and cranky. I don't know. All I know is that I don't know what is right - I just don't! I wish more than anything in the world I could fix him - I could heal him - and it all be done. But then again - what would it be to fix him...would it still be him? Or would it be someone he isn't?! These are the things that I know that run through my head and other special need's moms heads quite frequently. It really is a whole different world...and sometimes you wonder if anyone gets it at all. Anyhow - off the tangent and on to the appointment.

So Dr. B agreed to start the weaning process. I am kind of excited. I will deal with the tantrums and what-not just to see what he is like completely off of the meds. I will try and keep a journal of our day-by-day progress (or regression) whichever road it takes us down. We are also enlisting a behavioral therapist for Logan to see at least once a week - I am still waiting for her phone call - so I will update more on that later, too.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about our journey - Logan's journey. I will do whatever I can to help him through this phase (at least that is what I like to think it is). This is the place where I come to release my thoughts, my goals for him, and his progress.

Until next update,


Summer Vacation 2012!

We recently took a vacation to Alabama (to see a close friend of mine and her family) and Florida (a getaway from our monotonous life that we live). It was much needed and very much enjoyed!

We stayed in Destin, FL @ a condo that we rented for the week. Most of our days were spent at the beach - Although we did venture out and shop, eat, and explore a few places! We had so much fun as a family. With Neil working so much (so I can stay home - bless his heart) the kids often go days without seeing him. So we had him to ourselves for 2 straight weeks! It was awesome! I could go on and on about how nice it was to relax, laugh, and enjoy the company of one another! So special. Here are a few photos from our trip!

Day 1: LONG DRIVE - To break up the drive we did a 3 hour tour at Mammoth Cave. It was so nice to get out of the car. We woke up super early that morning - hence the crazy hair and comfy clothes!

 Our family! (Too bad my camera died right after this and I didn't get to take pics of the cave inside.)

 FLORIDA! Finally we see palm trees and smell the ocean! :)

 We went to Fort Walton for the evening and went out on the pier - Little did we know we would be surprised with dolpins! They were so amazing and so close! They swam right under us!!!

 In Fort Walton - by the pier - the kids thought it was too cool!

 Standing under the pier. The sun was starting to go down and right in all of their eyes so Logan borrowed daddy's sunglasses.

 Looking at the sunset!

 A picture of the dolphins we were able to watch.

 My main man - He loved the beach! :)

 Me and my Gracie Girl at Wonderworks!

 My crew @ Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Panama City

The real Berlin Wall at Ripley's.

 Prehistoric Shark...

 My sweet kiddos @ St. Andrews in Panama City - Our favorite spot!

 Last night on the beach in Destin :)

 My sweet Emily.

 Gracie Girl

 Last walk on the beach (during this vacation).

My sweet friend and her family in Alabama.

The kiddos thoroughly enjoyed Alabama just as much as the beach! :) We are already planning a Summer's End Vacation. Cannot wait to get back to the beautiful mountains and waterfalls we were able to enjoy on our excursions! <3

We also have...wait for it...a weekend getaway in the works for Neil and I to Chicago! As much as we love spending time together as a family - it is extremely overdue to have some quality alone time! We are hitting up Shedd Aquarium (last time we went was right before Miss Gracie), Navy Pier, and all of the awesome food that we come across! :)

What have you done this Summer? Plans? Have a great one and stay cool!