Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tis the Season!

...Tis the Season for putting everything else on the back burner and spending every single moment extra I had with the kiddos to make special memories! It has been a long, fun, roller-coaster of a year!

We did the annual drive through the Fantasy of Lights. It's kind of funny because I remember as a child it being completely delightful and watching all of the lights in awe...however, the older you get the less magical it seems! I wish I could see life through the eyes of a child again. Although those lights didn't seem as amazing as when I was a kid...the "Ohhh's" and "Ahhh's" of my sweethearts made me feel all warm and fuzzy and that was worth it!

Our annual cookie making festivities were fun...however, I cannot make a flippin' sugar cookie to save my life. Santa got some killer chocolate chip cookies instead! ;) We did end up getting some already made dough and doing a few sugar cookies that way. My awesome husband got me a stand-up mixer and it was pretty handy-dandy!

We had our first annual "Ugly Sweater Party" on Christmas Eve with my family! It was quite fun.

And here are a few pictures from our Christmas morning...

Emily got a box of Swiffer Dusters! Not really...Santa put her Ipod Touch and ITunes gift card in that silly box!

I just finished making my first photobook online through and cannot wait to see how it turns out! I chose to do a year in review type of book... I will let you know how it turns out! If you have a certain site that you prefer tell me about it! I am anxious to hear all about it! I am thinking this is going to be much more doable for me that the whole scrapbooking thing. Takes less time and effort and looks just like a scrapbook! :)

Hope each and every single one of you all had a fabulous holiday! I know we did!

Take care!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Strong-Willed Son

I haven't had to write any posts about Logan's naughty little temper tantrums in a LONG while...because we haven't really had one until today. So let me begin by telling you that this little tantrum must have made up for all of the weeks we haven't had any. Seriously. The icing on the cake is that it began at church...

It started out kind of cute...Pastor was asking general questions (the kind you ponder quietly in your head) and Logan took it amongst himself to answer rather loudly. Heck, I was really okay with that until all of his answers revolved around needing to eat breakfast. The child had breakfast...Dunkin Donut's at that. At one point Pastor was making a statement about guilt. Logan shouted "I never feel guilty." Fitting, huh! He got up a couple of times during the sermon and I just knew we were going to be in for a real treat.

Fast forward to Sunday School...Logan opened his snack without asking, he ran around the room, was using some not-so-nice words (but not curse words), wouldn't sit for music, and just had an attitude in general. I called Neil in to try and curve the behavior, but it was too late. As Neil began to talk to him he started in. Neil carried him out into the hallway where he then proceeded to scream a blood curdling scream. We decided after 10 mins of this craziness (I can't think of a better word, but that doesn't even describe it) that we would take him home. We had to carry him all the way through our church kicking, screaming, hitting, you name it. Complete and utter embarrassment! :(

Our ride home was a LONG one (the 15 min car ride seemed more like an hour). He sounded like a broken record: "Daddy, I want to go back! I want Grandma! I will be good, I will! I don't wanna take a nap. I'm sorry! You don't love me!" One statement was even kind of sad and comical all at once "You wish I was in heaven!" If you had heard him screaming you would honestly think that we beat him....don't worry, we don't. However, his consequence was going straight to his room and taking a nap. He obviously needed his nap.

The funny thing though is that he went to bed at a normal hour last night and that he slept fairly well. He was up at 6, however, that is why we decided to go to early service. After his nap...he was an angel. He has been great ever since. He helped his daddy and I cook dinner, picked up his toys, and has been super cuddly. So either he really needed that nap OR he does feel guilt (even though he told Pastor he doesn'

I do remember that I prayed for patience...and I think that may have backfired! Haha! I will have to pray for something other than patience so that I don't have to practice it as often! :D

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

Miss Emily Faith

 Miss Hailey Grace

 Mister Logan Hunter

 Happy Holidays From The Lewis Crew!

Horseshoe Kidney Update

These photos are compliments of Google Imaging.

So today was our follow-up with the urologist. We had heard from his MRI that he had a horseshoe kidney, but didn't really know what it meant... The urologist informed us of the following:

  • The "horseshoe kidney" is present in approximately 1 out of every 500 births.
  • It is usually higher in identical twins (Logan was a twin, but we miscarried).
  •  It will not necessarily pose a problem. We just have to be cautious if he runs a fever without explanation or he experiences pain in his abdomen.
  • He will NOT be able to participate in contact sports because of the location of his kidneys (behind his belly button...not the usual up in the back protected by the ribs).
  • Due to his previous bladder infection he believes that there may be a reflux issue with the kidney...but given that he has had only 1 known bladder infection we are going to hold off on any further testing (unless he has another UTI). 
  • Most people have no loss of regular kidney function with this.
We really liked the pediatric urologist that we met with today. He is supposed to be the "best" in all of Indiana. After speaking with him I think that he is definitely a very knowledgeable doctor...and has great bedside manner! He is a busy guy...he travels to Evansville, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend! 

He said we are free from visiting him for another 2 years! :) He will check Logan every other year unless symptoms surface...keeping our fingers crossed that he experiences zero symptoms!

Thanks for taking the time to keep updated on our sweet boy!!!  

Monday, November 7, 2011

M.I.A. (that's about right!)

Ahhhh! Where to start?! First of all...I think I have alzheimers! No, not really, but I have been super scatter-brained lately and it doesn't help matters at all! There has been a lot happening in our neck of the woods and it has been super hard to keep up with the blog...I'm sorry!

Logan had his appointment down in Indy with the neurogeneticist. He does have right side weakness and slight left side weakness...but the doctor said that he isn't completely alarmed. He said that we could keep doing tests, biopsies, etc only to get to the end of the line and never figure out what is causing it. He said we are doing everything right...and as long as we keep on top of therapy and nothing gets progressively worse we shouldn't have to worry. He thinks that it was possibly due to a stroke in utero (which would explain the crease in his right hand where he didn't move it during my pregnancy, and the muscle weakness more on his right side). He said it is NOT genetic...just a fluke. It wasn't anything that I did or didn't do during pregnancy that caused it (I was wondering if it was from the kidney medications...but he said not at all). So all in all I think we had a positive meeting and as long as things stay the same or progress we will be OK! :)

My brother returned home from his 4 month long army training in Texas. We are so thankful and glad to have him home safe and sound!!! It was a long 4 months without him!

Our newest member of the family Landon Marshall was born 11-1-11 to my sister Amanda and her husband. He was a healthy little guy! They are doing fabulous and adjusting to life with a newborn and a toddler! They are busy, busy!

I took the kiddos to the mall for holiday portraits this past Friday...and they turned out SO CUTE. I will have to share them when I get them back!

Right after we had our date with the mall, pictures, and yummy food our little Gracie Girl decided to race with her cousin...and it didn't end so well. She now has broken ankle #4. :( Today we visited her specialist in Indy and he said that it is definitely going to require surgery...however, she is the youngest patient that he has cared for with her type of problem. Her ligaments and tendons are extremely loose, thus causing the repeating breaks/sprains. He said that he was pretty nervous to do the surgery although she needs it. We discussed things further and I think we both decided that we should do another consult with someone more seasoned with her type of injury. I think he said he is going to call Cleveland and Vanderbilt to see if they have a pediatric ortho that  has performed this type of surgery on someone her age and as small as she is. We will travel if it means a more positive outcome. We want only the most skilled/qualified orthopedic doctor to work on our precious Gracie.

I think that is about all of the updates that I can think if at the moment. Sorry I have been slacking!

Tomorrow we have a renal ultrasound for Logan and his Urology appointment on Friday to find out what's up with his horseshoe kidney. I have a feeling it will be just fine!

If it's not one's another! I will be relieved when things slow down a little bit...but for now we just keep praying, doing, and keeping up with this crazy thing we call life!

Thanks for keeping up with us! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some of my favorite things of Autumn...

Cuddling in cold and rainy weather with my lovebugs...
Flipping through my "Taste of Home" magazine!
Cinnamon Brooms - They just make everything feel more cozy.

                                The ever-changing leaves... I love nothing more than to take a stroll with my babies and take in God's beautiful creations.

                                                                                                                                 Slippers and PJ's!

Letting the kiddos pick out their favorite Fall recipes...and then cooking together. Nothing makes this Momma's heart more content!

                                 Making festive little art projects with my little ones.

      A cup of hot cocoa. Mmmmmm!

                                                                        crock-pot meals!

Our yearly family Fall and Winter photoshoots!

         Shopping for the perfect gifts... :)       

                                                                                                               Hoodies and Jeans.

Most of all... Spending time together as a family.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Happens... :)

I realize I have NOT blogged in the past week or so...but life happens and we have been a busy little family! Neil has been working many, many, many hours these past few weeks (and back on 24 hour shifts) so we go days without seeing eachother! On the days he is home we like to spend time together as a family.

First off - Logan is back to making unexplainable progress the last two weeks in therapy. His muscles have been coordinating and working harder. His therapists are extremely happy! I don't really care "how" or "why" his muscles are working more...I am just glad that they are and pray that the progress will continue. We have also resumed aquatic therapy with him. :) Logan and I have also been doing LOTS of letter recognition, number recognition, and arts and crafts. I will have to post some pics soon!!! He is going to be SO ready for Kindergarten next year...I have no doubt!

Hailey is now receiving therapy twice a week at Turnstone along with Logan. She is doing really well. :) Her ankle has been healed for about 2 weeks, but she is still in the "boot" and taking it a lot slower than we have before. I think this next week she will be graduating into an "air cast."

I have been venturing out more with the kiddos by myself (while Neil is working)...We spent Friday night shopping at the mall, having dinner, and getting dessert. The kids were fabulous! I think they were so much better for me because they had 100% of my attention!

We are all hanging in there and doing well! Today I am working on catching up on laundry - I have slacked a bit in that department. Oh well - I just have mountains of folded clothes covering the entire living room that I need to get put away! That is my next task today!

Hope each of you have a great week!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Silly Conversation...

Friday night we met my family for dinner...little did we know that Logan was NOT going to cooperate. He had trouble sitting in his chair, was tired, grouchy...just not a happy camper. So as we began to finish up and say our good-byes Neil took Logan to the car. Neil says to Logan "When you get home it's bedtime." Neil had to drive seperate because he had a few errands to run and I stayed home with the on the way home Logan was with me in my car. This is how the conversation went:

Logan - "Mommy - You know you can tell daddy I can stay up."

Me - "No Logan...Daddy and I are a team. What daddy says I have to support...and what I say daddy supports. It's just how things work. I'm sorry but you lost your chance at staying up."

Logan - "Well I think that is ridiculous. I had me in YOUR belly and daddy DIDN'T. I lived in your belly for a LONG TIME. So I think that means YOU should tell daddy that YOU are IN CHARGE."

Me - "You did live in my belly for quite a while...but daddy is STILL in charge..."

Logan - "Well that makes no sense........"

He has pretty good reasoning...huh?!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Some People...

Guess what time of year it is... Did you guess right?!


So this morning during Hailey's therapy appointment our pediatricians office called to inform me that she had not had a "well child check" since 2009... WHOA. Ummmm...if you know us, you KNOW that we are at the pediatricians office at least once a month. It ended up being that we only go for med checks or sick checks...not the "well child check". I disagree with it, but love their office so I am over it already. While we were there Dr. T told us that we should probably go ahead and get their flu shots bc he has already treated 4 cases this month - which is A LOT this early in the season. He did say that we should expect a pretty sucky flu just know I warned you all! ;) However - Hailey and Logan were HIGHLY upset bc when we left the house this morning there was no mention of doctors appointments and shots in the rundown. My children require a little warning about these things - and they cooperate perfectly as long as they know what's coming! So needless to say they were both pretty ticked off that they had to get their shots. It was sad!

So after all of the drama, crying, and playing with our pediatricians dog...they were better and we went and grabbed a bite to eat. The lady sitting behind us was finishing up her meal and came over to our table and handed each one of them a gift certificate and told them to get a treat - she said that she was doing her "daily act of kindness" and the only thing she asked was for them to pass the act of kindness along! How sweet!!!

After lunch we went over to check out the new Kroger Marketplace (which is kinda nice) and we bought a bouquet of flowers. We decided that we would pick out someone that was finished shopping and Hailey and Logan would give them the flowers and tell them it was their "act of kindness." Sooooo.....they picked out this lady who had finished loading up her few items and was taking back her cart. They went up to her and said "These flowers are for you!!!" super excited and before they could say anymore... this lady goes off on them about how she doesn't want their flowers and she has "HER OWN FLOWERS AT HOME THAT SHE LIKES JUST FINE" with complete rudeness. (I kinda wanted to take those flowers and shove them...) The cart boy saw it happened and he acknowledged how sweet and thoughtful it was. I wished him a great day and told him that he was appreciated! Well anyways...we ended up stopping at my moms office and giving them to her - because she would appreciate those flowers and she will pass on the act of kindness! However, I am STILL in shock that a woman who looked so nice could be so completely RUDE to my children. I will say a prayer for her...

I guess the moral of this post is to please pass on an act of kindness!  You don't have to spend any money - you can pick up someone's keys if they drop them, get something off of a high shelf for a little old lady, or simply give someone a compliment! And if you happen to come across that same rude lady - or someone similar - say a prayer for them!

Have a wonderful weekend! :) 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Typical Parenting Challenges...I think?!

It's been one of those weeks that I just need a break - or better yet - a vacation. If it's not been one thing it's another! Don't get me wrong...I adore all 3 of my children...but there is always something not going right! Now...I'm not sure if it is having an odd number of children that someone is always left out, or if it's their ages currently: 10, 7, and 5. Could it be that we have been so busy focusing on one child (LOGAN) and not the other two enough? Or the fact that we are so busy all of the time that we just don't get enough quality time together as a family (with Neil working all of the time)?! Whatever it may's stressful!

The typical day this week has consisted of the girls waking up (at least an hour before they "normally" do), arguing over who gets the bathroom, who has who's uniforms, who get's to open the door (yes - it's really that silly), who get's into the van first...then it's onto who forgot something inside the house! On the way to school they like to argue about who sings what song is on the radio and we cannot forget that "that's not even how the song goes..." Then I get annoyed and turn off the radio. By this time we are at the school and I try my best to change my annoyed attitude and sincerely wish them a great day, give genuine hugs and kisses, and wave good bye...with a small sigh of relief that I will have somewhat of a peaceful 7 hours as long as Logan is in the right mood. Then they come home starving, tired, and grouchy... Dinner and bedtime just seems like it's forever away and cannot come soon enough.

I think as of today we are starting a new routine. This school year we have allowed the girls to go to bed an hour later, however, I think we are going to move it back (at least for Gracie) because I don't think she is getting enough sleep (although I am not sure how this will effect her already waking up early?!). I am also going to try getting everyone back on a scheduled dinner and bath routine. There has just been a lot of slack on my part lately being over I am NOT blaming all of the craziness solely on them! ;) We are helping my sweet and VERY pregnant sister and her husband pack and move this week.

This coming week I have to set up Hailey Grace's therapy for her ankle and she will go twice a week and then we have Logan's PT, OT, and Speech... Neil has to go back on the 24 hour ambulance to help cover one of his coworkers who is having surgery and I have NO idea when we will see him. He will also still be covering his 12 hour shifts on his normal ambulance as scheduled and working his scheduled days at the jail...not to mention he is also in school full-time going for his Master's degree in healthcare management!

What have been your challenges this week?!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Silly Conversation!

As we were driving in the car running errands this is the conversation that transpired between Logan and myself:

Logan: "Mom...what was that girls name?"

Me: "What girl?"

Logan: "You know...that girl at the pool?"

Me: "But there were lots of girls at the pool...which one?"

Logan: "You know mom...the one that had the floaty things on her arms that was there first (beginning to get frustrated because obviously I should know who he is talking about.)

Me: (Not having a clue which "girl" he is talking about) Yyyyyeah....Vaguely?!

Logan: "Ohhhh! That was her name?!?!"

This boy never ceases to bring a smile to my face or a laugh when I least expect it! Love it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Mansion...

As I was lying with Logan on the couch this evening he nonchalantly says to me "Mom, I want to build a mansion." So I reply with "Well...what would you do with all of that space?" He then goes on to tell me about how he would take all of our stuff and put it into *his* mansion. He would make sure that he brings everyone. He would have all of the toys in the world there. All the kids in the world could come and play with his toys. He said that he would share *everything*.

My boy is so sweet. It's nights like this that cuddling on the couch and listening to him dream big dreams that I realize my life is so full of blessings and pure joy. His innocence and love for others is just amazing. I am thankful that there are times like this with each one of my children that I get to hear their stories and dreams. I want nothing more than to help my children accomplish each and every single thing they set out to do in life. I will always be their #1 fan, their shoulder to cry on, their encouragement when life is tough.

I am thankful that my parents have shown this same unconditional love and support for me through all the ups and downs of my life. They have been so supportive and helpful when I have needed it most. These past few months have been absolutely crazy...from Emily's seizures that hospitalized her for a week (then all of the testing that followed and the finding that she had a cyst on her brain), Hailey Grace having broken her ankle 4 times in less than a year, and then all of Logan's medical issues (muscle issues, 1 kidney, heart issues, adhd, developmental delays, etc). My parents have been there to watch kids, shuffle kids, pick up kids, etc. If my parents had not done the exceptional job they did to mold me into the person I am today...I am not sure I could have held my composure! I might have just fallen apart. I try to take all of this in stride and keep a positive outlook and a smile on my face.

Neil's mom, my mother-in-law, has also been a HUGE blessing. She also watches the kiddos, fills in Neil's spot at appointments when he cannot go, and helps pick up/bring things when needed. She always reminds me that God has a plan...I just love her!

 I guess tonight I am reflecting on all of the blessings that God has poured over our family...some people might think that every thing that has happened doesn't seem like a blessing at all, but there is a reason; a plan, for everything that happens. God has placed these little people and big people in our lives and each and every one of them have a purpose greater than we know!

Pretty soon we will be headed down to Riley to meet with Dr. W (on Halloween) to see what our next steps with Logan will be. I am a little scared. I just want to find what is causing his muscles to lose their tone and coordination. Then in November we are meeting with the urologists and cardiologists down at St. Vincent's. I pray for an answer - peace of mind - a plan.

I am pretty sure that my life is like a mansion. It's big, it's complicated, and it's full of the things I love the most! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog! :)

Much Love,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Logan's Medical Update:

September 1st was a busy day for Logan, Neil, and myself. We had our appointment with the neurologist, but prior to that Logan went through the kindergarten special needs evaluation. The ladies conducting these tests were extremely pleasant! We first visited with an OT -- she did several tests and fun stuff with him. That lasted about an hour. Next he was evaluated by a PT -- she played ball with him, physically evaluated him, and it was pretty simple...I think that lasted about 30 minutes. Logan then fell asleep in their office while we were chatting. We allowed him to take about a half an hour nap before the final portion of the evaluation by the psychologist. This was by far the longest test of the three. It lasted almost 2 hours. He put puzzles together, played memory games, etc. At the end of the psychological evaluation she informed us that Logan is one of the smartest little guys she has ever had the pleasure of evaluating! :) This made Neil and I very happy! She then told us that she thought he is definitely ready for Kindergarten as far as his IQ is concerned!

Before I get to the next part of the findings I want to tell you a little history (if you don't read this blog regularly). I am a HUGE WORRIER. I have been so stressed and went to the doctor because I am so scared that something may happen to my children, my family, friends, etc. I seriously couldn't live with myself if something were to happen! I also witnessed a horrible wreck (I will not go into detail, but it was BAD and I got out to help) directly in front of our vehicle as we were driving to South Carolina to pick up my brother from his National Guard basic graduation...ever since then I have been super scared to get into a car, super scared for my kiddos and all the medical issues, and just have a lot of anxiety in general. When I went to my family doctor and explained this to her she told me something that I will never forget: The things we "worry" about aren't necessarily the things worth worrying about. The tragic things that happen aren't usually what that person was worrying about. In other words -- worrying isn't going to change what is going to happen. It will probably just be something you forgot to worry about that ends up happening...or something that never even crossed your mind.

I thought about this conversation when the State Fair events happened with the Sugarland Concert. I bet those innocent people never once thought that they were going to be severely injured, mentally scarred, or killed that day. I bet they were excited to be going to the concert, excited to be spending time with friends and family they loved, enjoying the "break" from their every day lives, and even more excited that they were in the front row! I bet this tragedy never once crossed their minds...never once did they think that these events would happen and change their lives forever.

Now onto the next part of our day -- we had an appointment with the Neurologist to discuss their findings from the blood work, EEG, EKG, Echo, and the 4 MRI's that he had. NOTHING was found in his smart little brain! She said that his brain looked excellent! This was a tremendous thing for Neil and I to hear. Our pediatrician and PT (not to mention Neil and I) were concerned that it was a neurological problem affecting his muscles. The MRI showed that that is NOT the case. Praise God!

We were then informed that Logan only has one kidney and they are sending us down to Riley to meet with a pediatric urologist asap. They were closed over the long weekend so I am awaiting their call today. Logans kidney is shaped like a horseshoe and located in the middle of his back...not where you would normally find the kidneys -- or in his case -- a kidney.

They found a nerve blockage in his heart and also discovered that he has a hole in his heart. I haven't done the research, but from what I understand a lot (if not not sure) of kids are born with a hole and they usually close on their own. Logan's never closed and they are only concerned because he has the hole PLUS the nerve blockage and his pulse is REALLY low. Not in a normal range...however, get this...they cannot get him in until November 16! So this tells me that his heart issues surely cannot be emergent! We will be headed down to Riley to see the pediatric cardiologist on the 16th.

Then, last but not least, there is the main muscle issue that is still present...still unexplained. Dr. K mentioned to us that she feels that he needs to go to Riley and see Dr. W who specialized in neurogenetics. She said that he will probably do a muscle biopsy and and EMG. I just got off the phone with the nurse they are trying to work in him in as soon as possible. I will keep you updated on that!

He had his OT, PT, and Speech therapies yesterday. His speech went great! His OT went well also, but she is concerned with his shoulder muscles and how he compensates when using his arms. They tried some kind of tape that for the life of me I cannot remember the name of... Anyway this tape goes on each side of his neck and down his shoulders, and he also has two pieces on his belly that go from just under his nipples down to his lower abdomen. I wish I could tell you more about that, but I don't really understand how it works!!! It is supposed to help his muscles in his tummy work harder. He wears it for 3 days then gets 3 days off. I will inform you more on this next week. His PT was still stumped. He is still regressing. His core and legs are just like jello. No matter how hard they are working him, it just isn't doing what it needs to do. His endurance is also decreasing. :( Boo!

Sorry for this LONG post. If I had updated sooner it wouldn't have been near this long, but I couldn't find the words, time, or energy to do it. The day I found out about Logan's kidney and heart I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I didn't really even talk to my family about it because I was SO upset! I have come to terms with everything and now feel optimistic. I know that God won't give me anything more than I can handle and I know that no matter how difficult this seems...He has a plan. One day I will look back on these words and think "Man -- that was a CRAZY time in our lives!" But for now I am going to cuddle my precious boy and let him know that mommy loves him more than anything -- because he is SO special!

Thanks guys for being supportive and always being there for all of us! If you could please say a prayer for my sweet little guy and also the urologist, neurologist, neurogeneticist, cardiologist, and his pediatrician.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Last week in review:

Last week Logan had therapy on Tues...his PT and OT were once again concerned about his weakness and endurance. I am also concerned, but I cannot dwell on this... I know the tests are being performed that need to be performed and I cannot make myself sick with worry. I just can't.

He has slept a lot this past week. Yesterday he didn't want to get up to go to church...we just ended up at Sunday school and went to the late service.

Dr. Kahn's office called me just as I was about to call them and told me that Logan's test result's have all come in and we have an appointment on Thursday afternoon. Please pray for us! I am kind of anxious. I don't know...if they don't see anything we have to go to Indy to a specialist, but if she finds something they will treat here in Fort Wayne (I think this is what she said).

Thursday morning we also have Pre-K testing and have a speech eval, PT eval, and PT eval all through FWCS. This will help us to know what his "needs" will be...and he will be able to receive homeschool this way.

Another opportunity that I am pondering is something called "Restored to Glory" dance ministry for Logan. The lady called me this afternoon and informed me they have an opening for Logan. I had applied last year for him, but they were full. It is a 9 month commitment. I think he will LOVE it, but I think I am going to "sleep on it" before I decide. I know we will be doing swimming this fall and possibly soccer...

Gonna go do some thinking/praying...


Friday, August 19, 2011

Busy as a bee...

Today has been a BUSY day! Right off the bat we had an Echocardiogram scheduled for Logan at 8:45 this morning... He was VERY GOOD for this and laid still! :) After that appointment we headed to the pediatrician because we had to pick up the records to take with us down to Indy for Hailey's appointment. I decided to make an appointment for Logan and Emily because both of them were under the weather (Logan sinuses and Emily stomach) and being that I already had to go there and it is Friday...It was necessary. Logan has a sinus infection and Emily has a UTI and sinus infection. Gosh - Can't any of my babies just catch a small break?! As we were leaving the pediatrician's office I had an "oops!" moment...I had forgotten to get Hailey's wheelchair prescription from Ortho Northeast. So we picked that paperwork up and then headed over and picked up the wheelchair... As I was on my way home I remembered that I needed to drop off the kiddos antibiotic scripts to be filled. DONE!

That was our busy, crazy, productive morning! I am hoping that I didn't forget anything. :)

Neil works ALL it will be just the kiddos and I hanging out! Going to catch up on some of this dreaded housework that is never-ending!

Love to all!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

A bit overwhelmed!

I know that this is Logan's blog...but I am taking a moment to fill you in on MY life at the moment. I am 100% stressed. I don't know that I have ever felt so under pressure in my life. I know that God doesn't give us any more than we can handle and I continue to remind myself this every single time I look at my calendar. Just a little bit ago, I had to fill in MORE slots in my already booked calendar. It literally made me cry! I am stretched so thin, it's crazy! (P.S. if you are thinking I am on Facebook all of the time...I have it on my phone and my phone goes with me and FB is my outlet!). I know all too well I am a STRONG individual and that this will all be water under the bridge someday, but for the time being I am simply overwhelmed (but I will make it). Adapt and overcome...that's my motto.

Last night I went and donated my time to my lovely sister...I helped her get her house in order. She is having another baby all too soon, and I wanted to give her a hand and help her catch up. I know how life gets crazy and every now and then we all need a little help. I honestly LOVE helping my family. Helping others is my's just what I love doing. However, while cleaning, chatting, and little Gracie Girl goes to stand up from a sitting position and SNAP! went her ankle. Tears were flowing and I know from her previous 2 breaks what a broken ankle her broken ankle looks like. I knew right away it was broken, but just couldn't believe that all it took was standing up. I am still shaking my head over that. Hmmm. Off to the E.R. we went!

I (we) did receive good news this week from the neurologist about Emily. Her medication is working, her 48 hour EEG looked great, and we don't have to go back for 6 months! :) This was a great blessing considering everything Emily has been though with her heart and epilepsy! Now we have to go and see the ortho doc for her in Indy...and get her on the right track...thus preventing problems such as back pain, hip pain, etc. when she gets older!

Logan has numerous (it feels like hundreds) of appointments coming up soon, too. I still think we are on the right track and that this will hopefully all fall into place around us.

So I have 3 children all with non-related medical issues at the moment. I am just thankful that I am able to stay at home with our children. I am certain that if I would have had a job, I would have been replaced!

Well...I need to get caught up on these MOUTAINS of laundry! I am so LUCKY to have a wonderful, supporting, and HELPFUL husband! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Neurology Appointment:

Today we met with Dr. Kahn. Neil had to work so I had my mother-in-law go for the added support and an extra set of ears. Dr. Kahn evaluated Logan and going by his history...she doesn't think he is regressing as much as it seems to our PT, but rather he has had these problems all along and they are just presenting differently. His muscles are tired. Everything that she read/heard from us she feels that it is probably a genetic disorder and that he has had "it" since birth. This would explain the army crawling, the delayed walking, drooling, and the delay in speech. We don't really know any more today than when we went in (which I knew...bc she has to do all of the tests...). However, I got a really good feeling from her, and I don't think that this will be a dead end.

She ordered lab work (to look at some more genetic things), 3 different heart tests (bc it is all muscle problems we are seeing and the heart is a muscle), MRI of the brain, MRI of the cervical spine, MRI of the lumbar spine, and an MRI of the thoratic spine. She also wants to check him for a condition called myotonic dystrophy. I have no clue what that is... On a better note she did NOT feel that it is muscular dystrophy. That is GREAT news. She also did not think that the "tethered spinal cord" wasn't fitting either...he wouldn't have arm weakness and drooling with that. I think doctors and therapists shouldn't give out possible only makes the parent a nervous wreck and worry even more!

Dr. Kahn did say that if these tests are inconclusive, we will be heading to Riley Hospital to meet with Dr. Walsh who is a pediatric neurologist who specializes in neurogenetics. He would then perform a muscle biopsy. I am hoping we don't have to go that route and that we can receive a simple explanation. I guess we will see!

So today we begin yet another journey in hopes of finding an answer!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

P.T. Update 8/9/11

I was hoping that Logans PT status would be at about the same as we were last week...because honestly...I don't see the changes that are happening right away because I spend every waking moment with him. Occasionally I will think..."man, he used to be able to do this." or "I thought last time that he did the treadmill he lasted longer." but as far as really *noticing* changes weekly it is so subtle to me that unless it is pointed out, I cannot really tell. I hope and pray that doesn't make me sound like a bad mother...I love this little boy more than anything (except the girls...I really love all my babies just as much as eachother!). Anyhow - what I am trying to get at is that I think/hope/pray all week that "next week" there will be a positive change. You can only go downhill so long before things start to improve...right?!?!

This week Logan's therapist noted that his scapulas are beginning to "wing" (this means that his shoulder blades are protruding from his back because the muscles are not doing their job of holding them in place), his right scapula is worse than his left, his stamina on the treadmill was significantly lower (which I kind of expected because he is just so exhausted), his core muscles are weakening, and the tremor was much worse this week than it was last week. The P.T. was extremely glad we were able to get into the neurologist so fast (this Friday)...she is actually going to type up a letter for me to give to the doctor specifically so that I won't forget anything. She is also faxing all of the weekly reports that she does...but she is very concerned with making sure the doctor does a full in depth evaluation. This makes me feel a little better...

Logan's behavior has been rotten for over a month now. I hate "reporting" that...but it is the truth. The P.T. and I think it is a combination of feeling so crappy, not getting a full nights sleep, and just experiencing all of the changes so fast and he doesn't understand what is going on. It breaks my heart, but at the same time I am so stressed out that the tantrums only add to the stress. I can't even imagine what he is going through. I wish that I could take it away and he could just relax. He can't sit down and have a glass of wine and a bubble bath and forget his troubles (for the time being) like I can. :(

I have been trying to remain strict with the discipline bc he is so smart that if I budge even a little, he will catch on and take full advantage. He did lose his t.v. (the documentaries that he watches every single night) a few nights ago bc he refused to get in his bed. I had to be the bad guy and turn it off...but you know what?! That next night he went to bed without hassle.

If you pray -- please pray that we are doing the right thing -- making the right choices in the doctors we choose to take care of our Logan. Also pray for the doctors patience & intelligence -- this obviously isn't an easy or typical case. Pray for Neil and I that we maintain our patience with the children and the doctor's. Also for our girls -- Emily and Hailey -- to know our love for them is infinite. I am so afraid that they might think Logan has become more of a priority. Each child is very special to Neil and I. Most of all -- Pray for Logan's body -- that it may receive complete healing.

Thank you all so much -- and I will keep updating as I can!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missing My Boy

Tonight Logan went to spend the night with his Grandma Cheryl. I know they will have a fantastic time together and he will love every minute...especially the one-on-one time with his grandma. This seems great, and it is, but... I miss him SO MUCH!

I am so used to the girls coming and going to sleepovers with the grandparents and cousins, but Logan is always my little bed-buggy. Let me define "bed-buggy": an awesome little cuddler that will keep daddy's spot warm, give lots of snuggles, and say adorable things that turn a bad day good. Logan created this term...we always say "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." One night he said (because Neil had to work a 24 hr at the hospital) that he would be my bed-buggy and I wouldn't have to sleep all by myself. :) He is such a sweet boy. Always lookin out for his momma. :)

I honestly cannot remember the last time that he stayed anywhere without me over night. I know this will be a good night for him and he will probably make some pretty sweet memories staying with grandma. I just miss his goodnight cuddles!

On another note I have a precious story from church this morning: Today was the kids VBS finale during the worship service...they were performing the songs that they had learned during the week. As Logan was singing and dancing he stopped in the middle of a song and came and sat back down with me. I asked him why he didn't want to stay up there and sing and he told me that his legs were hurting too bad. As the service was coming to a wrap Pastor Maki asked if anyone had any Pastor was asking different people their prayer needs for the week Logan's little hand shot up in the air. Pastor called on Logan and asked what his prayer was...Logan then asked if he could pray that his legs would stop hurting. Pastor asked everyone to pray for Logan's legs and the doctors that are helping him. It was kind of a long prayer, but Logan sat completely still during the entire prayer. He was praying too. I cried like a baby. After that prayer, Logan laid his head in my lap and went to sleep. He is such a sweet, loving, and caring boy. I just pray that everything will turn out okay! I know it is in God's hands. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer So Far...

We have yet to do our Gulf Shores vacation, and with all these doctors appointments, I think it is going to be post-poned until winter! However, I believe that this has been a very memorable summer for Logan. There have been quite a bit of *firsts*.

This was the FIRST time ever that Logan visited an amusement park...we took a mini-vacation to Holiday World (where I used to go EVERY.SINGLE.SUMMER as a child).
He had a blast! His favorite part was the "Wildebeest" which is their new water-rollercoaster! He is so brave! He also LOVED watching the dive show. I am pretty sure when he gets older he is going to live by the ocean so he can work/play in it 24/7!
It was SO HOT there, but with the drink stations (that are FREE) set up all over the place, we were ALWAYS hydrated!

Another FIRST that Logan got to do was meet my Grandma Wright...his great grandma for the first time! We went down to Evansville to celebrate her 90th birthday! I just pray that I will be as amazing as she is when I turn 90 (if I make it that long! Ha!).
On our way home Logan was exhausted...we went through a horrible storm with wind, rain, and awful lightening and he slept through ALL of it!
Then it was 4th of July (my FAVORITE holiday!) and we did Chinese Lantern's for the FIRST time...Logan loved it! It was pretty neat if I do say so myself!
He had fun with the snap-pop things and LOTS of sparklers (and you KNOW I was right there making sure nobody was getting burned or careless!).
We actually met some friends of ours in Huntington this year. The fireworks were so much better there than in Fort Wayne! The show lasted 40 mins as opposed to our 15 min max here in FW!
Logan has also spent A LOT of time at the ballpark with us...His big sister Emily is playing baseball for the first time this year...and although it has been H-O-T, it has been SO MUCH FUN!

We also watched the space shuttle launch and return for the last time...and he was SO into it. I love that my boy LOVES history,and also learning how and why things work, etc!

Then we ALL got sick...FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT. Logan ended up with double ear infections, bronchitis, and a sinus infection ALL AT ONCE. It was horrible and I cannot remember the last time that we were hit with something this nasty! He literally slept 3 days straight! glad we are all better!
While sick, we had to sit in the hospital for 48 hours straight with Emily to have her 48 hour EEG. This was to make sure she is seizure-free and the meds are doing their job! It was amazing bc they all slept A LOT, and had Logan been healthy, I am not sure if either one of us would have survived 48 hours straight in a tiny hospital room. Ha! :D

We have had lots of playdates with the cousins...recently Logan decided that Nayomie needed to play with play-doh! It was so cute! They all played so sweetly together (even if she did eat a little!).

We also took a spur of the moment trip to the airport to watch the airplanes take-off and land. The kids love this! It was sooooo HOT! But completely worth the joy on their faces when one flew right over them! We did timed relay races in the meantime while waiting. There is never a dull moment!

We attended the Zoo's "Member's Only Picnic." We walked through the zoo and it was so hot there that even the alligator was in his pool, which we have never seen...he is usually out sunbathing!

Icy - The Fort Wayne Komet's Hockey mascot was also there!
Honestly...our summer has been fun and full of adventure! I think this is my first summer since I have been a stay at home mom and been able to FULLY ENJOY all that life with my kiddos has to offer! I am so blessed and love each one of them so, so, so much!

With all of the health issues between Logan and Emily -- I am so glad that I decided to be a stay at home mom. Even though our summer has been packed with doctor's appointments, therapy appointments, and specialists...we have still managed to enjoy eachothers company!

Hope you all are having a great week!


P.S. Logan goes to see the Neurologist on the 12th... I know we won't know anything on that exact day, but it's getting closer!
"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another possibility?!

Today we met with Logan's pediatrician regarding the symptoms that the PT, OT, and we as a family are noticing with Logan... This includes: hamstings getting tighter, balance being off, having accidents, muscle weakness, pain in his arms, tremors, etc. After doing some research this week (because last week I was told that it could be muscular dystrophy) I was wondering if this could be related to his medications. I started looking up the side effects and sure enough muscle weakness, fatigue, and tremor were all listed as "uncommon side effects."

I put a call into his PT to see what she thought I should do...because she is the one that has physically observed ALL of these symptoms, besides Neil and I. She suggested that I make him an appointment and she would send her observations his way.

Today we had our appointment and Dr. T said that he doesn't think that it is a side effect of his medication, or for sure Muscular Dystrophy, but that it could possibly be Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome. If you click on the link you can read more about it. Dr. T is setting up an MRI and a consult with a neurologist for Logan here in the near future.

This sounds bad... but my thought is that IF it has to be anything...I could probably handle this. A positive about this type of disorder is that this can be surgically corrected...unlike Muscular Dystrophy (in which he would struggle with it for the rest of his life -- possibly shortening his life span).

There are a couple of things that it doesn't explain (where the MD seems more "fitting")...that would be the drooling we still have and the muscle weakness in the arms.

I guess I will just wait and see what our neurology consult brings... These up's and down's are crazy!

Until next time...


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today's blog was supposed to be a "catch up" from all of the crazy events that have taken place this Summer and to tell you how awesome this Summer has been with the girls home! Instead, I am using this as a vent, a shoulder to cry on, a journal...

Today when Logan went to therapy I asked Miss Deb to re-evaluate him because he has been literally crying that his arms hurt. Logan is one tough cookie, and I was a little concerned. She checked him out and pulled me aside. She said she thinks it is time for Logan to see a neurologist (which I thought we had, but appearantly we saw a neuropsycologist). After evaluating him today he has lost all of what he had been gaining from PT. She said that his muscle tone in his core and legs have decreased significantly (which for a while we were gaining muscle and it seemed to be going great) and that he has developed a "tremor" in his right leg (which I had noticed, but just thought it was something quirky). She told me that with her experience (she has been doing this over 20 years and is the BEST in Fort Wayne) she believes that this is a muscular disorder. She said he needs to be tested for Muscular Dystrophy. She said that his symtoms: muscle weakness, toe walking, drooling, frequent falling/off balance, difficulty breathing (asthma/apnea - he has both), fatigue, tightening of the heels, and large calves are ALL in the MD category.

If you know know I was all about GOOGLE-ing this when I got home...all I did was read ONE article and I cannot stand to read anything else.

So on to making a neurologist appointment and a check-in with his pediatrician. I am really at a loss for words!

Please pray for my little guy. I love him so much! He is tough and even if this IS what we are dealing with I don't think for one second it is going to slow him down. I guess this also reinforces my decision to keep him home another year and wait on Kindergarten until next year.

Take care!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decisions, decisions... Yikes!'s official...our little man is NOT so little anymore. He is now 5 years old! I cannot believe that time has gone so fast. It just amazes me! I just wish I could keep him little forever... So the BIG decision that I have to deal with <<<that I am completely STRUGGLING with>>> Kindergarten for Logan this year OR next?!?!

Therapy has been going excellent for Logan. His therapist's are beyond excited at the progress he is showing! Last week Krista, his occupational therapist, approached me with "He is going to do great in Kindergarten this year!" "WAIT A SECOND... I think you are mistaken Miss Krista... He is only 5 and won't go this year." was my response. Then it hit me and I asked if she thought he was ready. She responded with a big "OH, YEAH. HE IS MORE THAN READY."

So the first thing I did on my way home from therapy was call the girls school and talk to J.C. the head office lady whom we have a great relationship with. I asked her what she thought and she said that with her son she waited a year. She also said that she had never actually witnessed a parent regret starting them a year later, but people who start their child/children a year early often regret it bc the child will fall behind or not be quite mature enough. Hmmm....

If you all really know know that it takes ample time for me to prepare for change. I have been preparing Logan for Kindergarten, only I was preparing for Kindergarten of the 2012-2013 school year, NOT this year.

Yesterday he had another appointment with his PT and OT. I absolutely LOVE both of them. They have by far been a blessing to our family. Miss Deb, his PT, also mentioned Kindergarten yesterday. I wanted a second opinion (not that I didn't trust Krista's opinion, but I just needed to hear someone else's) so I asked Deb what she thought. She also said she definitely thinks Logan is ready. I asked her what she thought about his ADHD and how it will affect him sitting in his seat and attending a full-day kindergarten (bc that is all we have here in FWCS). Her opinion was that if we wait because he just doesn't sit still, he will more than likely be bored if we hold him back a year. She said intellectually he is so, so, so smart and soaks everything up. I agree, he doesn't miss a trick! He remembers EVERYTHING. She recommended calling the school system and having him tested for Kindergarten.

I did call the school and set up an evaluation, however, our school system is soooo backlogged that his eval may not happen until Sept or Oct. I did ask the lady if he were to start school and we realize he isn't ready if it is possible to pull him out and wait...she said that is definitely an option...although I wonder if that is a good option for my son?


The "real" me wants to wait and keep him home with me for another year. I absolutely LOVE having him home during the day. It is our special time together... However, will I regret that I didn't at least try it? Will he be bored if I wait? What will the teacher immature kindergartener who may listen because he loves to learn or a bored kindergartner that may or may not pay attention??? *sigh*

This is how my mind works...I just want it all to be PERFECT and make the BEST decisions for my little man. What to do....

Any thoughts?!?!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Fun

The MOST important thing this week is that my BABY BOY is going to be 5 years old on FRIDAY! Where has the time gone?!?!

Since school has been out, we have been out and about! Trying to make the most of our Summer with the kiddos and enjoy time outdoors! :D Logan has been really well behaved! He loves to explore new things! Here is what we have done so far:

*A TinCaps Game -- He loved it, but it got rained out not even half way through the game!

*Emily's baseball games -- He doesn't really pay too much attention to the game. He prefers to take snacks and a different tote of toys each time we go! In his has been HOT.

*Waterpark -- It's not really a "waterpark" but more a splash park! He loves going to hang out there.

*Pool -- We haven't been too often, but he is definitely a waterbug!

*Visited the Sunken Gardens in Huntington -- Him and his sister got to feed the fish, play at the park, and explore all of the different types of plants that grow there. Daddy caught two GIANT crawdads (not sure if that is how you spell it, but they looked like mini-lobsters!).

*Hiked some difficult trails -- This was on Father's Day. I think it was the first time Logan has ever really gone hiking. As we were wayyyy back in the woods almost to the end of one trail and getting ready to turn on another -- a HUGE tree fell right over the trail where we were not even a minute earlier! It was LOUD and rumbled the ground. We all ducked! Logan FREAKED...and he was DONE. The rest of the way he was panting and trying to get out of those woods as quickly as his little feet could carry him. (It was a little scary!)

*Biked the trails -- We have been doing this pretty frequently. We live very close to the river greenway. We hop on the trails and bike by the golf course. Logan is SLOWLY building up strenghth and going a little further each time. I think with his asthma, this is REALLY difficult for him! He does A LOT of crying and whining. His therapist says it is good for him to ride a mile or two.

*Buckner Park -- We met up with my sis, her husband, and their son Madden. Had a mini picnic, played, and snapped some pics.

*Fort Wayne Children's Zoo -- Thank GOD for Zoo passes! :) This is an all summer long activity in our household. Logan LOVES the zoo and could go if we would take him! :D Yesterday, we took my niece, and she loved it!!! :) Logan loved showing her the penguins, birds, and the fountain that you can play in!

We are going to be headed to Evansville in about a week and a half to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday! :) While we are there, we are going to take Emily and Logan to Holiday World. My husband and kids have NEVER been! I am excited to show them where we used to visit during the summer! :) I am sure it will be A LOT different to them than Cedar Point! :D

Hope each of you have a great week! <3


Monday, June 13, 2011


We are trying to get back to our regularly scheduled routine since Emily's episodes. We are slowly getting there, but still waiting on results. I sure cannot wait to find out what the cardiologist and neurologists have to say. I am praying that everything will go okay!

Here are a few updates on Logan:

*He is back on Intuniv and that seems to be the BEST medication for him. I am NOT going to let the pediatrician try anything new. We are at a good place!

*He is doing amazing in speech therapy! His therapist is absolutely blown away by the progress he is making! Not to brag, but he is soooo smart! All of the techniques she is showing him/myself he really takes it to heart and slows himself down. His lisp is almost non-existant. He used to say "ka" for car, and now he will say "carrr" with a big emphasis on the "r." He can say "hungry" like hun-gar-e where the "r" is heard. It used to be "hun-gy." All in all I am impressed with his speech therapist!

*His swimming is over. He got an awesome medal. (I may have mentioned that in the last post?)

*His T-Ball is over and he got THE COOLEST trophy! I will have to get his picture with it. It is neat!

*Physical therapy is going great. He is back to doing aquatic therapy now that lap club is over. He has gained quite a range of motion. I am sure this will keep improving as we get outside with his braces - riding bikes, swimming, walking the trails, etc. :)

*Occupational therapy is fabulous! He is working on body awareness...being able to draw himself while including all parts of himself such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, 5 fingers, etc. and also putting on his shoes solo. His sensory defensiveness is almost gone. He will let me wash his hair, wipe his own hands when eating, touch different textures...we still have to work on dusting off when he falls down and gets dirty! He doesn't like the dirt all that much. :)

*Yesterday he learned to ride his bike with training wheels. It was kind of funny because he would get going and get confused and slam on his brakes. After about 10 mins and reminding him to pedal in forward circles, he got the hang of it. I took him down to the river greenway this morning and had him ride again (while I jogged for the first time this season). It was fun!

*He is now learning complying with picking up his toys! This is HUGE! He has never been one to pick up after himself! I have been working to get to this point for a LONG time. He has bins for all of his toys and they are all sorted by type of toy. Now he will only get out one bin and play with those toys...when he is finished he will pick them up and come and get me to tell me the play room is "nice and shiny!" :D I love it!

Well, that is it for now! I have a feeling my blog posts will probably be once a week now that it is SO NICE outside and the girls are home for the summer! I want to enjoy as much quality time with my girls and Logan as possible!

Here are a few pics I snapped today!

The pose in inevitable...He has 2 sisters! This was his last Lap Club meet!

Logan and his sister Hailey. They were loving eachother at this particular moment! :)

I love this little boy SO much! He had a blast at the park!

Working on his balance... His PT and OT would be SO proud!

It was a little sunny, but I LOVE this picture!

I found a drink that is corn-free! :)

Practicing riding with training wheels! Getting better each time! :)

This is Logan's precious sister Emily that has been through so much these past few weeks! Please say a prayer for her heart and epilepsy! <3

Friday, June 3, 2011


Ahhhhh! Where to begin?!?! There is a very good explanation as to *why* I haven't updated on Logan in about a week or so...

Last Wednesday I got S.I.C.K (and I never get sick)!!! Full blown strep throat, tonsilitis, and the flu all at the same time. I pretty much was a hermit to my bedroom until Saturday where I still didn't feel 100% but decided to venture out to go visit my parents. As we loaded everyone up in the car Emily, Logan's sister, has a seizure. She seized about 20 seconds, not a super long seizure, but none the less a seizure. She was fully recovered in about 15 minutes (and she does have a history of Epilepsy, although this was her first seizure in 6 years). We kept an eye on her, let her stay the night with my mom and dad bc she was back to 100%, and picked her and Hailey up Sunday to take them to Chuck E Cheese. We normally do not go to Chuck E Cheese, but I felt like a bad mom for ruining the holiday weekend... so we thought it might be nice to "spoil" them a little.

While at Chuck E Cheese's I saw Emily fall to the floor...I went over to check on her and she just said she didn't feel well. I tried to stand her up and she fell down. I took her over to the table and got Logan and Hailey together and ended up taking Emily in to the hospital. It turns out that she had had *another* seizure while at Chuck E Cheese. Poor girl had SOOOOO many things done while in the hospital. She had an EEG, EKG, MRI, CT, spinal tap, and numerous IV's and blood draws. We did find out that she has an arachnoid cyst on her brain, but it hopefully isn't the cause of all of this, and that it shouldn't be an issue. They are going to watch it and see if it grows or changes. She was feeling back to normal (well, still had the headaches and some dizziness) and we brought her home on Wednesday.

Wednesday, once we got her home, she proceded to throw up and be dizzy all through the night and all day yesterday. I put in 2 calls to the neurologist and 2 calls into the pediatrician. Finally someone called me back around 4:30 yesterday and set up an appointment for her this morning at our pediatrician's office. Once there I explained to him everything that has happened and he ordered another EKG and had us bring the results back to him. When we got back with the results he informed us that Emily's heart is only beating 56 beats per minute which is unusually low for her (her normal is 90-110). He told me that he would consult with the neurologist and get back with us.

When I got home the neurologist called to inform me that this was not a side effect of Emily's new anti-seizure medicine...that they thought it is definitely something to do with her heart. So I in turn called Emily's cardiologist @ Riley - Dr. Cordes. Dr. Cordes has now ordered a 24 hour halter monitor and once this is complete he will get the results right away and let us know if he needs to see us, or what-not.

So this is my LONG, crazy, not simple, completely EXHAUSTED explanation for not updating about Logan! : /

He is doing okay - I think he has been completely overwhelmed this past week (haven't we all?!) with all that has gone on. He did finish up "Lap Club" last night...He will sure miss his friends that were all in it with him. It was such a small and close-knit class. I will miss seeing the moms, coaches, and kids! He did get a really awesome medal though! :)

I will keep you all posted as to what is going on... Hopefully it will be less than a week and with better news next time!


Friday, May 20, 2011

A good day...

I am hoping, praying, and keeping my fingers CROSSED that I am not speaking too soon...however, today has been a GREAT day! Logan is not near as fussy, not near as hyper, and no where near as EMOTIONAL as he has been the last week+.

When Logan tried the Adderall, he had an allergic reaction... So then his dr recommended that we try the Vyvanse and we really had a day from ____. He didn't sleep for 2 days, he cried, had unbelievable tantrums, lashed out by hitting, kicking, etc. So what did I do? I didn't give it back to him and made yet another appointment with the dr. I could not believe what I witnessed. My heart was breaking knowing that I couldn't even really understand how he must be feeling.

When meeting with the dr (who is also a family friend of ours) he was a little upset that we took him off of the Vyvanse so quickly...which I understand...although I don't think he quite understood the EXTREME differences in emotion, behavior, and sleep patterns! We came to a mutual agreement that we will give him a half dose when we resume. I jokingly said to the dr that I would gladly let him have Logan for the day so that he could witness the extreme difference. Ha! The mommy in me thinks his body needs a BREAK (and honestly, not to sound full of myself, I have yet to be off when it comes to my mommy instinct)! I am not giving him any ADHD medicine for a few days so that his body has time to completely rid itself of any of the drugs. I want to see just exactly where we our with behavior, emotions, etc. free of meds. Dr. T did agree that this would be okay.

We are very lucky that his pediatrician has always been super supportive, and he ALWAYS lets it be known that I know Logan best. Just that little thing makes a HUGE difference when dealing with everything that Logan has going on ie: adhd, developmental delays, low muscle tone, speech delays, etc.

Anyway - We are on day number 2 of being medication free and it isn't so bad! We still have some sleep issues, but I will take that over the lashing out, tantrums, extreme emotions, etc ANY day! :) My wishful thinking is that the behavior he displays while being free of the medication will not be so bad and we can stay medication-free. I understand the probability of that happening with Logan's history is not likely, but it never hurts to dream! ;)

Well, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. We are going to try! :D


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Challenging Week...

This past week has been extremely challenging... I think this may be one of the worst weeks yet to date. I am unsure if this is due to the weather and the outdoor allergens, something that I am not realizing in his diet, or just a plain and simple bad week....we all have those, right?!

We have experienced a lot of tantrums, fussiness, irritability, more hitting/kicking, etc. His routine has most definitely been off. His sleeping has been ALL OVER THE PLACE...most days he has been up by 6 a.m., some days he has taken a nap, he doesn't actually fall asleep until 10 or 11, and he is up and down ALL NIGHT.

He has been really hungry for lunch, not hungry at dinner, and then starving at bedtime. We haven't introduced anything new in his diet...but there is always a chance that there is some type of corn that I am not recognizing. It seems like just when I think that I have gotten really good at reading labels, I get home only to realize I have missed something! :/

The most important thing (to me) is that no matter what kind of day or week we are having, I will still love him just as much as I did the day or week before!

Please - keep Baby Keegan over at in your prayers. He did have the spinal surgery to remove the mass, but they are almost certain that what they found is recurring medulloblastoma (the type of cancer he had previously). This has been weighing heavily on our hearts this week.

Hope you have a great week! I will leave you with a few pictures we did this past week. :)

Isn't his smile contagious?! <3

My handsome little man! :)

Praying for Baby Keegan...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prayers for the Chupps!

Over the last year our family has been praying for a very special, very strong little guy named Keegan who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (a type of brain cancer). Logan absolutely adores Keegan. He has me pull up pictures of him on the computer, he includes him in our bedtime prayers, and he absolutely LOVES watching videos of "Baby Keegan."

Tomorrow morning they will face another life changing day... Keegan will be having surgery to remove a small mass on his spine. This mass was not there when they did the last MRI so they do know that it is something fairly new. Please, please say a prayer for Keegan as he goes through this procedure - that he will recover quickly and without obstacles. Say a prayer for the doctors and nurses performing this surgery...please guide their hands, give them patience, and help them to remove the growth safely. Last, but not least, say a prayer for his mom and dad - Beth & Ryan.

This is a video "A Year In A Life" Beth made for her sweet boy...please watch it! You will instantly fall in love with this strong little guy.

In support of brave Baby Keegan...wear your GREEN tomorrow! :) Logan and I will definitely have ours on!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Somewhat annoyed!

Guess what... Walgreen's brand suncreen contains CORN (sorbitol). sure does. After racking my brain for hours on end as to why Logan has a red rash ALL OVER his face, it finally dawned on me that I put sunscreen on him (*face*) when we went out to play. I think I went a little insane thinking that it was something he had eaten, but I knew I hadn't introduced anything new today. Hmmmm. Guess I will be on the lookout for "corn-free" sunscreen. Craziness!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun with my boy!

This past week Logan started T-ball! I think Neil and I had just as much fun as Logan did! He remained focused for almost the entire time... :) Sorry about his shaggy hair! He got a haircut right after this! Ha!
My big boy!

He's such a fast runner!!! :)

Best hit of the game! Go Logan!

Between T-Ball and Lap Club (his swim team) it has been an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. A year ago I would have never believed that my boy would be able to do "organized" sports with peers his own age. It definitely brings a tear to my eye when I think about his progress. He has taught me the true meaning of "patience." Things happen when they are supposed to, not when we always want them to.

Speaking of Lap Club, Logan is doing awesome! He absolutely LOVES the coaches husband that volunteers and has become his designated helper. He "graduated" from wearing the swim belt and arm floaties to only wearing the arm floaties!!! :) He has also become friends with a little girl in the class and she is adorable! They share a snack in the locker room and hold hands the entire way to the car. Let me just tell is SO CUTE and INNOCENT

His behavior has been a little worse these last few weeks, but I didn't really want to "report" that in hopes that it would subside, however, we (not the doc) realized that when Logan was switched from the liquid form of Zyrtec to the pill form... the pill form contains "corn starch." Ugh! Why do things have to be difficult?!  The allergist has us giving Benadryl for a week so that the corn can get out of his system and then go back to the liquid Zyrtec. I am hoping that this helps! It has been a little crazy!

Logan will be getting his customized orthotic braces in 2 weeks... We have been using the "toe-offs" and they are working, but he still manages to keep his left heel from touching the ground when he is walking. This will make it so that the bottom will form to his foot and prevent him from manipulating the braces.

Mother's Day was fabulous. We took a trip to the zoo. It was packed, but we had a fun time! I didn't manage to snap any pictures...I just enjoyed the time with all of my lovebugs!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well! We are headed out to enjoy the SUNSHINE!!! Take care!

Here are a couple of silly pics I got this afternoon! My handsome little officer!