Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Happens... :)

I realize I have NOT blogged in the past week or so...but life happens and we have been a busy little family! Neil has been working many, many, many hours these past few weeks (and back on 24 hour shifts) so we go days without seeing eachother! On the days he is home we like to spend time together as a family.

First off - Logan is back to making unexplainable progress the last two weeks in therapy. His muscles have been coordinating and working harder. His therapists are extremely happy! I don't really care "how" or "why" his muscles are working more...I am just glad that they are and pray that the progress will continue. We have also resumed aquatic therapy with him. :) Logan and I have also been doing LOTS of letter recognition, number recognition, and arts and crafts. I will have to post some pics soon!!! He is going to be SO ready for Kindergarten next year...I have no doubt!

Hailey is now receiving therapy twice a week at Turnstone along with Logan. She is doing really well. :) Her ankle has been healed for about 2 weeks, but she is still in the "boot" and taking it a lot slower than we have before. I think this next week she will be graduating into an "air cast."

I have been venturing out more with the kiddos by myself (while Neil is working)...We spent Friday night shopping at the mall, having dinner, and getting dessert. The kids were fabulous! I think they were so much better for me because they had 100% of my attention!

We are all hanging in there and doing well! Today I am working on catching up on laundry - I have slacked a bit in that department. Oh well - I just have mountains of folded clothes covering the entire living room that I need to get put away! That is my next task today!

Hope each of you have a great week!

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