Saturday, April 20, 2013

My "100th" Blog with Big News!

I find it hard to believe I have written 100 blogs about my sweet boy! When I started this blog I would never have guessed we would be where we are today, but I love that I can look back and see how far we've come and all of the events that have taken place since I started!

I am pleased to inform you all that Logan was approved for an IEP!!! This is HUGE!!! This is what we have been trying for since the beginning of the school year and after many, many, many meetings and teacher phone calls. I have to give TONS of credit to the special education teacher as she was on Logan's side from the beginning, but we had to have the administrators, school psychometrist, psychologist, etc on board as well...and had to get all of the people on the same page. After those lovely people (who don't know/work with Logan) were able to observe and assess him themselves (and with mention we had been in contact with a lawyer), they seemed to change their tune.

Logan's 504 was put into place at the end of November of 2012. His behavior intervention plan was set. This included using visual prompts, a ticket reward for recognition of good behavior, and getting to pick a prize/positive note with school counselor twice a day (before lunch and at the end of the day) if he remained on green or yellow. While discussing our results of the observations - the school counselor was asked by the school psychometrist how the system had been working and the school counselor shocked us! Her answer was that they had tried it for a couple of weeks and didn't notice it helping him at all and she didn't really "have time" to do this on a daily basis. I think every.single.person in the meetings jaw dropped a little, and ours dropped a lot! I saw the school psychometrist write on her pad of paper "meet with counselor after meeting." The special education teacher also told her that she disagreed with that due to the fact that you cannot change behavior in a matter of two weeks. They were NOT happy with her!!! So not only was his reward system followed for just 2 weeks, she and Logan's teacher never informed any of us that this happened and never set up an alternative positive reinforcement. That made me super GROUCHY! In the "notes" after the meeting where literally everything is documented that is discussed - she conveniently left out that ENTIRE discussion. I kindly spoke up and asked that she add in the notes that she failed to comply with the behavioral support plan that we had all agreed upon. What a crock! Hence the reason we NEVER wanted the 504 to begin with because it is just recommendations. The 504 doesn't have to be followed by law. I am sure she was in quite the awkward position and got in some trouble after the she should have!!!

After that nonsense we were told that they had found Logan eligible for services and an IEP would be put into place. We continued on and set up the IEP. The accommodations that will be provided are as follows:

  • A timer (to help Logan stay focused on the task and to visually see he is making progress)
  • Visual Aides (the special ed teacher will take pictures of Logan and insert them into a program called "boardmaker." This will allow Logan to visually see what comes "next". There will be a series of pictures with Logan reading, writing, doing gym, music, computer, etc. and after each of these things he will flip the card over and know what activity comes next.)
  • An iPod with soothing music and headphones for his independent work time
  • Small group testing to provide frequent feedback and to keep Logan on task without distractions
  • Logan will be in close proximity to an adult during transitions and carpool
  • STAR technique will be used to help Logan when he is getting anxious/upset "Stop, Take a deep breath, And Relax"
  • "Body Awareness" prompts will be given "find your quiet place" (this technique is used when he is sensory seeking, hyper, etc. Logan places his hands on his belly, closes his eyes, and takes deep breaths allowing him to tune into his body and physically feel himself relax. His PT taught us this and it has worked AWESOME!).
  • We will be notified by email or phone anytime Logan has an incident that requires him to go to the office.
  • An assistant will be provided daily for the 90 min reading block, 40 min math block, and recess.
I am very happy with what was put into the IEP. Even though it has taken SO LONG, I am thankful that we have finally gotten to this point. They also recommended that we go ahead with the Full Autism Evaluation - because after working with Logan they feel this is appropriate. We have wanted that, but needed the IEP more, so that came secondary. It will be completed within 50 school days - which means it might not happen until next school year. I am okay with this because he is still getting his help through a private OT, PT, and SLP. We are also going back to his neuropsych that we saw a few years ago to get his take on things.

I hope/pray this makes a difference in his schooling - he deserves the BEST!!! :) Thank you for catching up on our latest journey!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life Happens :)

Hope you all had a Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by and catching up. Life has been super busy - so I haven't gotten to update in over a month!

Our last meeting with the school went okay - We learned that they didn't feel Logan qualified for an educational diagnosis of Autism to receive services. We are still going forth with the IEP in hopes to at least get him OHI...even though you would think a medical diagnosis should be MORE than enough. So frustrating! I did speak with the special ed teacher and she did whisper to us that she is sure he will qualify. Just LOVE that almost his entire Kindergarten year is over with and he is SO far behind. Boo!

Logan was a super-duper-trooper with his nasal surgery last week. We learned that the recovery process would take about 3-4 weeks and were a little concerned. To our surprise he went back to surgery without tears and came out of surgery the same way! The nurses and doctor couldn't even believe it! He never experienced any pain. He never once cried or complained. I discussed this with the Dr and this is probably due to Logan's pain receptors being under active, which we already knew he experiences. With the sensory processing disorder he actually likes the feel of pain - unlike the rest of us.

This week is Spring Break! We were excited to take the kiddos to the Children's Museum on Monday, however after about 15 mins, he had a meltdown and we had to leave. It was super crowded and he was extremely overstimulated. I discussed this with his OT today and she actually volunteered to go with us next time. We have been extremely blessed with awesome therapists who love Logan just as much as we do!

He is doing extra sensory-seeking this week - that has been the only real challenge lately. Lots of jumping, crashing, falling, clapping, slapping, snapping, etc. Loves the feeling of the pressure and gets quite carried away. The high pitched squealing and yelling has increased. I am sure this is all due to change in routine between his surgery and being on Spring Break. We are trying to keep things as even keel as possible for him. 

We are taking it easy for the time being - Logan's sister Hailey has been sick off and on since Friday. We thought she was over it after the weekend, only for her to get sick again last night and this morning.

I am happy to announce that Logan is starting to take showers - HUGE accomplishment! We only have about a 5-10 minute discussion now versus a 45 minute meltdown. I'll take it! :) He is also doing well with the kinesio taping. Toe walking is still there, but decreasing.

I think that is it for now!