Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Strong-Willed Son

I haven't had to write any posts about Logan's naughty little temper tantrums in a LONG while...because we haven't really had one until today. So let me begin by telling you that this little tantrum must have made up for all of the weeks we haven't had any. Seriously. The icing on the cake is that it began at church...

It started out kind of cute...Pastor was asking general questions (the kind you ponder quietly in your head) and Logan took it amongst himself to answer rather loudly. Heck, I was really okay with that until all of his answers revolved around needing to eat breakfast. The child had breakfast...Dunkin Donut's at that. At one point Pastor was making a statement about guilt. Logan shouted "I never feel guilty." Fitting, huh! He got up a couple of times during the sermon and I just knew we were going to be in for a real treat.

Fast forward to Sunday School...Logan opened his snack without asking, he ran around the room, was using some not-so-nice words (but not curse words), wouldn't sit for music, and just had an attitude in general. I called Neil in to try and curve the behavior, but it was too late. As Neil began to talk to him he started in. Neil carried him out into the hallway where he then proceeded to scream a blood curdling scream. We decided after 10 mins of this craziness (I can't think of a better word, but that doesn't even describe it) that we would take him home. We had to carry him all the way through our church kicking, screaming, hitting, you name it. Complete and utter embarrassment! :(

Our ride home was a LONG one (the 15 min car ride seemed more like an hour). He sounded like a broken record: "Daddy, I want to go back! I want Grandma! I will be good, I will! I don't wanna take a nap. I'm sorry! You don't love me!" One statement was even kind of sad and comical all at once "You wish I was in heaven!" If you had heard him screaming you would honestly think that we beat him....don't worry, we don't. However, his consequence was going straight to his room and taking a nap. He obviously needed his nap.

The funny thing though is that he went to bed at a normal hour last night and that he slept fairly well. He was up at 6, however, that is why we decided to go to early service. After his nap...he was an angel. He has been great ever since. He helped his daddy and I cook dinner, picked up his toys, and has been super cuddly. So either he really needed that nap OR he does feel guilt (even though he told Pastor he doesn'

I do remember that I prayed for patience...and I think that may have backfired! Haha! I will have to pray for something other than patience so that I don't have to practice it as often! :D

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

Miss Emily Faith

 Miss Hailey Grace

 Mister Logan Hunter

 Happy Holidays From The Lewis Crew!

Horseshoe Kidney Update

These photos are compliments of Google Imaging.

So today was our follow-up with the urologist. We had heard from his MRI that he had a horseshoe kidney, but didn't really know what it meant... The urologist informed us of the following:

  • The "horseshoe kidney" is present in approximately 1 out of every 500 births.
  • It is usually higher in identical twins (Logan was a twin, but we miscarried).
  •  It will not necessarily pose a problem. We just have to be cautious if he runs a fever without explanation or he experiences pain in his abdomen.
  • He will NOT be able to participate in contact sports because of the location of his kidneys (behind his belly button...not the usual up in the back protected by the ribs).
  • Due to his previous bladder infection he believes that there may be a reflux issue with the kidney...but given that he has had only 1 known bladder infection we are going to hold off on any further testing (unless he has another UTI). 
  • Most people have no loss of regular kidney function with this.
We really liked the pediatric urologist that we met with today. He is supposed to be the "best" in all of Indiana. After speaking with him I think that he is definitely a very knowledgeable doctor...and has great bedside manner! He is a busy guy...he travels to Evansville, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend! 

He said we are free from visiting him for another 2 years! :) He will check Logan every other year unless symptoms surface...keeping our fingers crossed that he experiences zero symptoms!

Thanks for taking the time to keep updated on our sweet boy!!!  

Monday, November 7, 2011

M.I.A. (that's about right!)

Ahhhh! Where to start?! First of all...I think I have alzheimers! No, not really, but I have been super scatter-brained lately and it doesn't help matters at all! There has been a lot happening in our neck of the woods and it has been super hard to keep up with the blog...I'm sorry!

Logan had his appointment down in Indy with the neurogeneticist. He does have right side weakness and slight left side weakness...but the doctor said that he isn't completely alarmed. He said that we could keep doing tests, biopsies, etc only to get to the end of the line and never figure out what is causing it. He said we are doing everything right...and as long as we keep on top of therapy and nothing gets progressively worse we shouldn't have to worry. He thinks that it was possibly due to a stroke in utero (which would explain the crease in his right hand where he didn't move it during my pregnancy, and the muscle weakness more on his right side). He said it is NOT genetic...just a fluke. It wasn't anything that I did or didn't do during pregnancy that caused it (I was wondering if it was from the kidney medications...but he said not at all). So all in all I think we had a positive meeting and as long as things stay the same or progress we will be OK! :)

My brother returned home from his 4 month long army training in Texas. We are so thankful and glad to have him home safe and sound!!! It was a long 4 months without him!

Our newest member of the family Landon Marshall was born 11-1-11 to my sister Amanda and her husband. He was a healthy little guy! They are doing fabulous and adjusting to life with a newborn and a toddler! They are busy, busy!

I took the kiddos to the mall for holiday portraits this past Friday...and they turned out SO CUTE. I will have to share them when I get them back!

Right after we had our date with the mall, pictures, and yummy food our little Gracie Girl decided to race with her cousin...and it didn't end so well. She now has broken ankle #4. :( Today we visited her specialist in Indy and he said that it is definitely going to require surgery...however, she is the youngest patient that he has cared for with her type of problem. Her ligaments and tendons are extremely loose, thus causing the repeating breaks/sprains. He said that he was pretty nervous to do the surgery although she needs it. We discussed things further and I think we both decided that we should do another consult with someone more seasoned with her type of injury. I think he said he is going to call Cleveland and Vanderbilt to see if they have a pediatric ortho that  has performed this type of surgery on someone her age and as small as she is. We will travel if it means a more positive outcome. We want only the most skilled/qualified orthopedic doctor to work on our precious Gracie.

I think that is about all of the updates that I can think if at the moment. Sorry I have been slacking!

Tomorrow we have a renal ultrasound for Logan and his Urology appointment on Friday to find out what's up with his horseshoe kidney. I have a feeling it will be just fine!

If it's not one's another! I will be relieved when things slow down a little bit...but for now we just keep praying, doing, and keeping up with this crazy thing we call life!

Thanks for keeping up with us! :)