Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Silly Conversation...

Friday night we met my family for dinner...little did we know that Logan was NOT going to cooperate. He had trouble sitting in his chair, was tired, grouchy...just not a happy camper. So as we began to finish up and say our good-byes Neil took Logan to the car. Neil says to Logan "When you get home it's bedtime." Neil had to drive seperate because he had a few errands to run and I stayed home with the on the way home Logan was with me in my car. This is how the conversation went:

Logan - "Mommy - You know you can tell daddy I can stay up."

Me - "No Logan...Daddy and I are a team. What daddy says I have to support...and what I say daddy supports. It's just how things work. I'm sorry but you lost your chance at staying up."

Logan - "Well I think that is ridiculous. I had me in YOUR belly and daddy DIDN'T. I lived in your belly for a LONG TIME. So I think that means YOU should tell daddy that YOU are IN CHARGE."

Me - "You did live in my belly for quite a while...but daddy is STILL in charge..."

Logan - "Well that makes no sense........"

He has pretty good reasoning...huh?!

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