Friday, September 30, 2011

Some People...

Guess what time of year it is... Did you guess right?!


So this morning during Hailey's therapy appointment our pediatricians office called to inform me that she had not had a "well child check" since 2009... WHOA. Ummmm...if you know us, you KNOW that we are at the pediatricians office at least once a month. It ended up being that we only go for med checks or sick checks...not the "well child check". I disagree with it, but love their office so I am over it already. While we were there Dr. T told us that we should probably go ahead and get their flu shots bc he has already treated 4 cases this month - which is A LOT this early in the season. He did say that we should expect a pretty sucky flu just know I warned you all! ;) However - Hailey and Logan were HIGHLY upset bc when we left the house this morning there was no mention of doctors appointments and shots in the rundown. My children require a little warning about these things - and they cooperate perfectly as long as they know what's coming! So needless to say they were both pretty ticked off that they had to get their shots. It was sad!

So after all of the drama, crying, and playing with our pediatricians dog...they were better and we went and grabbed a bite to eat. The lady sitting behind us was finishing up her meal and came over to our table and handed each one of them a gift certificate and told them to get a treat - she said that she was doing her "daily act of kindness" and the only thing she asked was for them to pass the act of kindness along! How sweet!!!

After lunch we went over to check out the new Kroger Marketplace (which is kinda nice) and we bought a bouquet of flowers. We decided that we would pick out someone that was finished shopping and Hailey and Logan would give them the flowers and tell them it was their "act of kindness." Sooooo.....they picked out this lady who had finished loading up her few items and was taking back her cart. They went up to her and said "These flowers are for you!!!" super excited and before they could say anymore... this lady goes off on them about how she doesn't want their flowers and she has "HER OWN FLOWERS AT HOME THAT SHE LIKES JUST FINE" with complete rudeness. (I kinda wanted to take those flowers and shove them...) The cart boy saw it happened and he acknowledged how sweet and thoughtful it was. I wished him a great day and told him that he was appreciated! Well anyways...we ended up stopping at my moms office and giving them to her - because she would appreciate those flowers and she will pass on the act of kindness! However, I am STILL in shock that a woman who looked so nice could be so completely RUDE to my children. I will say a prayer for her...

I guess the moral of this post is to please pass on an act of kindness!  You don't have to spend any money - you can pick up someone's keys if they drop them, get something off of a high shelf for a little old lady, or simply give someone a compliment! And if you happen to come across that same rude lady - or someone similar - say a prayer for them!

Have a wonderful weekend! :) 

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