Saturday, September 24, 2011

Typical Parenting Challenges...I think?!

It's been one of those weeks that I just need a break - or better yet - a vacation. If it's not been one thing it's another! Don't get me wrong...I adore all 3 of my children...but there is always something not going right! Now...I'm not sure if it is having an odd number of children that someone is always left out, or if it's their ages currently: 10, 7, and 5. Could it be that we have been so busy focusing on one child (LOGAN) and not the other two enough? Or the fact that we are so busy all of the time that we just don't get enough quality time together as a family (with Neil working all of the time)?! Whatever it may's stressful!

The typical day this week has consisted of the girls waking up (at least an hour before they "normally" do), arguing over who gets the bathroom, who has who's uniforms, who get's to open the door (yes - it's really that silly), who get's into the van first...then it's onto who forgot something inside the house! On the way to school they like to argue about who sings what song is on the radio and we cannot forget that "that's not even how the song goes..." Then I get annoyed and turn off the radio. By this time we are at the school and I try my best to change my annoyed attitude and sincerely wish them a great day, give genuine hugs and kisses, and wave good bye...with a small sigh of relief that I will have somewhat of a peaceful 7 hours as long as Logan is in the right mood. Then they come home starving, tired, and grouchy... Dinner and bedtime just seems like it's forever away and cannot come soon enough.

I think as of today we are starting a new routine. This school year we have allowed the girls to go to bed an hour later, however, I think we are going to move it back (at least for Gracie) because I don't think she is getting enough sleep (although I am not sure how this will effect her already waking up early?!). I am also going to try getting everyone back on a scheduled dinner and bath routine. There has just been a lot of slack on my part lately being over I am NOT blaming all of the craziness solely on them! ;) We are helping my sweet and VERY pregnant sister and her husband pack and move this week.

This coming week I have to set up Hailey Grace's therapy for her ankle and she will go twice a week and then we have Logan's PT, OT, and Speech... Neil has to go back on the 24 hour ambulance to help cover one of his coworkers who is having surgery and I have NO idea when we will see him. He will also still be covering his 12 hour shifts on his normal ambulance as scheduled and working his scheduled days at the jail...not to mention he is also in school full-time going for his Master's degree in healthcare management!

What have been your challenges this week?!

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