Monday, June 13, 2011


We are trying to get back to our regularly scheduled routine since Emily's episodes. We are slowly getting there, but still waiting on results. I sure cannot wait to find out what the cardiologist and neurologists have to say. I am praying that everything will go okay!

Here are a few updates on Logan:

*He is back on Intuniv and that seems to be the BEST medication for him. I am NOT going to let the pediatrician try anything new. We are at a good place!

*He is doing amazing in speech therapy! His therapist is absolutely blown away by the progress he is making! Not to brag, but he is soooo smart! All of the techniques she is showing him/myself he really takes it to heart and slows himself down. His lisp is almost non-existant. He used to say "ka" for car, and now he will say "carrr" with a big emphasis on the "r." He can say "hungry" like hun-gar-e where the "r" is heard. It used to be "hun-gy." All in all I am impressed with his speech therapist!

*His swimming is over. He got an awesome medal. (I may have mentioned that in the last post?)

*His T-Ball is over and he got THE COOLEST trophy! I will have to get his picture with it. It is neat!

*Physical therapy is going great. He is back to doing aquatic therapy now that lap club is over. He has gained quite a range of motion. I am sure this will keep improving as we get outside with his braces - riding bikes, swimming, walking the trails, etc. :)

*Occupational therapy is fabulous! He is working on body awareness...being able to draw himself while including all parts of himself such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, 5 fingers, etc. and also putting on his shoes solo. His sensory defensiveness is almost gone. He will let me wash his hair, wipe his own hands when eating, touch different textures...we still have to work on dusting off when he falls down and gets dirty! He doesn't like the dirt all that much. :)

*Yesterday he learned to ride his bike with training wheels. It was kind of funny because he would get going and get confused and slam on his brakes. After about 10 mins and reminding him to pedal in forward circles, he got the hang of it. I took him down to the river greenway this morning and had him ride again (while I jogged for the first time this season). It was fun!

*He is now learning complying with picking up his toys! This is HUGE! He has never been one to pick up after himself! I have been working to get to this point for a LONG time. He has bins for all of his toys and they are all sorted by type of toy. Now he will only get out one bin and play with those toys...when he is finished he will pick them up and come and get me to tell me the play room is "nice and shiny!" :D I love it!

Well, that is it for now! I have a feeling my blog posts will probably be once a week now that it is SO NICE outside and the girls are home for the summer! I want to enjoy as much quality time with my girls and Logan as possible!

Here are a few pics I snapped today!

The pose in inevitable...He has 2 sisters! This was his last Lap Club meet!

Logan and his sister Hailey. They were loving eachother at this particular moment! :)

I love this little boy SO much! He had a blast at the park!

Working on his balance... His PT and OT would be SO proud!

It was a little sunny, but I LOVE this picture!

I found a drink that is corn-free! :)

Practicing riding with training wheels! Getting better each time! :)

This is Logan's precious sister Emily that has been through so much these past few weeks! Please say a prayer for her heart and epilepsy! <3

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