Friday, June 3, 2011


Ahhhhh! Where to begin?!?! There is a very good explanation as to *why* I haven't updated on Logan in about a week or so...

Last Wednesday I got S.I.C.K (and I never get sick)!!! Full blown strep throat, tonsilitis, and the flu all at the same time. I pretty much was a hermit to my bedroom until Saturday where I still didn't feel 100% but decided to venture out to go visit my parents. As we loaded everyone up in the car Emily, Logan's sister, has a seizure. She seized about 20 seconds, not a super long seizure, but none the less a seizure. She was fully recovered in about 15 minutes (and she does have a history of Epilepsy, although this was her first seizure in 6 years). We kept an eye on her, let her stay the night with my mom and dad bc she was back to 100%, and picked her and Hailey up Sunday to take them to Chuck E Cheese. We normally do not go to Chuck E Cheese, but I felt like a bad mom for ruining the holiday weekend... so we thought it might be nice to "spoil" them a little.

While at Chuck E Cheese's I saw Emily fall to the floor...I went over to check on her and she just said she didn't feel well. I tried to stand her up and she fell down. I took her over to the table and got Logan and Hailey together and ended up taking Emily in to the hospital. It turns out that she had had *another* seizure while at Chuck E Cheese. Poor girl had SOOOOO many things done while in the hospital. She had an EEG, EKG, MRI, CT, spinal tap, and numerous IV's and blood draws. We did find out that she has an arachnoid cyst on her brain, but it hopefully isn't the cause of all of this, and that it shouldn't be an issue. They are going to watch it and see if it grows or changes. She was feeling back to normal (well, still had the headaches and some dizziness) and we brought her home on Wednesday.

Wednesday, once we got her home, she proceded to throw up and be dizzy all through the night and all day yesterday. I put in 2 calls to the neurologist and 2 calls into the pediatrician. Finally someone called me back around 4:30 yesterday and set up an appointment for her this morning at our pediatrician's office. Once there I explained to him everything that has happened and he ordered another EKG and had us bring the results back to him. When we got back with the results he informed us that Emily's heart is only beating 56 beats per minute which is unusually low for her (her normal is 90-110). He told me that he would consult with the neurologist and get back with us.

When I got home the neurologist called to inform me that this was not a side effect of Emily's new anti-seizure medicine...that they thought it is definitely something to do with her heart. So I in turn called Emily's cardiologist @ Riley - Dr. Cordes. Dr. Cordes has now ordered a 24 hour halter monitor and once this is complete he will get the results right away and let us know if he needs to see us, or what-not.

So this is my LONG, crazy, not simple, completely EXHAUSTED explanation for not updating about Logan! : /

He is doing okay - I think he has been completely overwhelmed this past week (haven't we all?!) with all that has gone on. He did finish up "Lap Club" last night...He will sure miss his friends that were all in it with him. It was such a small and close-knit class. I will miss seeing the moms, coaches, and kids! He did get a really awesome medal though! :)

I will keep you all posted as to what is going on... Hopefully it will be less than a week and with better news next time!


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