Friday, August 19, 2011

Busy as a bee...

Today has been a BUSY day! Right off the bat we had an Echocardiogram scheduled for Logan at 8:45 this morning... He was VERY GOOD for this and laid still! :) After that appointment we headed to the pediatrician because we had to pick up the records to take with us down to Indy for Hailey's appointment. I decided to make an appointment for Logan and Emily because both of them were under the weather (Logan sinuses and Emily stomach) and being that I already had to go there and it is Friday...It was necessary. Logan has a sinus infection and Emily has a UTI and sinus infection. Gosh - Can't any of my babies just catch a small break?! As we were leaving the pediatrician's office I had an "oops!" moment...I had forgotten to get Hailey's wheelchair prescription from Ortho Northeast. So we picked that paperwork up and then headed over and picked up the wheelchair... As I was on my way home I remembered that I needed to drop off the kiddos antibiotic scripts to be filled. DONE!

That was our busy, crazy, productive morning! I am hoping that I didn't forget anything. :)

Neil works ALL it will be just the kiddos and I hanging out! Going to catch up on some of this dreaded housework that is never-ending!

Love to all!


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