Monday, August 29, 2011

Last week in review:

Last week Logan had therapy on Tues...his PT and OT were once again concerned about his weakness and endurance. I am also concerned, but I cannot dwell on this... I know the tests are being performed that need to be performed and I cannot make myself sick with worry. I just can't.

He has slept a lot this past week. Yesterday he didn't want to get up to go to church...we just ended up at Sunday school and went to the late service.

Dr. Kahn's office called me just as I was about to call them and told me that Logan's test result's have all come in and we have an appointment on Thursday afternoon. Please pray for us! I am kind of anxious. I don't know...if they don't see anything we have to go to Indy to a specialist, but if she finds something they will treat here in Fort Wayne (I think this is what she said).

Thursday morning we also have Pre-K testing and have a speech eval, PT eval, and PT eval all through FWCS. This will help us to know what his "needs" will be...and he will be able to receive homeschool this way.

Another opportunity that I am pondering is something called "Restored to Glory" dance ministry for Logan. The lady called me this afternoon and informed me they have an opening for Logan. I had applied last year for him, but they were full. It is a 9 month commitment. I think he will LOVE it, but I think I am going to "sleep on it" before I decide. I know we will be doing swimming this fall and possibly soccer...

Gonna go do some thinking/praying...


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