Sunday, August 14, 2011

A bit overwhelmed!

I know that this is Logan's blog...but I am taking a moment to fill you in on MY life at the moment. I am 100% stressed. I don't know that I have ever felt so under pressure in my life. I know that God doesn't give us any more than we can handle and I continue to remind myself this every single time I look at my calendar. Just a little bit ago, I had to fill in MORE slots in my already booked calendar. It literally made me cry! I am stretched so thin, it's crazy! (P.S. if you are thinking I am on Facebook all of the time...I have it on my phone and my phone goes with me and FB is my outlet!). I know all too well I am a STRONG individual and that this will all be water under the bridge someday, but for the time being I am simply overwhelmed (but I will make it). Adapt and overcome...that's my motto.

Last night I went and donated my time to my lovely sister...I helped her get her house in order. She is having another baby all too soon, and I wanted to give her a hand and help her catch up. I know how life gets crazy and every now and then we all need a little help. I honestly LOVE helping my family. Helping others is my's just what I love doing. However, while cleaning, chatting, and little Gracie Girl goes to stand up from a sitting position and SNAP! went her ankle. Tears were flowing and I know from her previous 2 breaks what a broken ankle her broken ankle looks like. I knew right away it was broken, but just couldn't believe that all it took was standing up. I am still shaking my head over that. Hmmm. Off to the E.R. we went!

I (we) did receive good news this week from the neurologist about Emily. Her medication is working, her 48 hour EEG looked great, and we don't have to go back for 6 months! :) This was a great blessing considering everything Emily has been though with her heart and epilepsy! Now we have to go and see the ortho doc for her in Indy...and get her on the right track...thus preventing problems such as back pain, hip pain, etc. when she gets older!

Logan has numerous (it feels like hundreds) of appointments coming up soon, too. I still think we are on the right track and that this will hopefully all fall into place around us.

So I have 3 children all with non-related medical issues at the moment. I am just thankful that I am able to stay at home with our children. I am certain that if I would have had a job, I would have been replaced!

Well...I need to get caught up on these MOUTAINS of laundry! I am so LUCKY to have a wonderful, supporting, and HELPFUL husband! :)

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