Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decisions, decisions... Yikes!'s official...our little man is NOT so little anymore. He is now 5 years old! I cannot believe that time has gone so fast. It just amazes me! I just wish I could keep him little forever... So the BIG decision that I have to deal with <<<that I am completely STRUGGLING with>>> Kindergarten for Logan this year OR next?!?!

Therapy has been going excellent for Logan. His therapist's are beyond excited at the progress he is showing! Last week Krista, his occupational therapist, approached me with "He is going to do great in Kindergarten this year!" "WAIT A SECOND... I think you are mistaken Miss Krista... He is only 5 and won't go this year." was my response. Then it hit me and I asked if she thought he was ready. She responded with a big "OH, YEAH. HE IS MORE THAN READY."

So the first thing I did on my way home from therapy was call the girls school and talk to J.C. the head office lady whom we have a great relationship with. I asked her what she thought and she said that with her son she waited a year. She also said that she had never actually witnessed a parent regret starting them a year later, but people who start their child/children a year early often regret it bc the child will fall behind or not be quite mature enough. Hmmm....

If you all really know know that it takes ample time for me to prepare for change. I have been preparing Logan for Kindergarten, only I was preparing for Kindergarten of the 2012-2013 school year, NOT this year.

Yesterday he had another appointment with his PT and OT. I absolutely LOVE both of them. They have by far been a blessing to our family. Miss Deb, his PT, also mentioned Kindergarten yesterday. I wanted a second opinion (not that I didn't trust Krista's opinion, but I just needed to hear someone else's) so I asked Deb what she thought. She also said she definitely thinks Logan is ready. I asked her what she thought about his ADHD and how it will affect him sitting in his seat and attending a full-day kindergarten (bc that is all we have here in FWCS). Her opinion was that if we wait because he just doesn't sit still, he will more than likely be bored if we hold him back a year. She said intellectually he is so, so, so smart and soaks everything up. I agree, he doesn't miss a trick! He remembers EVERYTHING. She recommended calling the school system and having him tested for Kindergarten.

I did call the school and set up an evaluation, however, our school system is soooo backlogged that his eval may not happen until Sept or Oct. I did ask the lady if he were to start school and we realize he isn't ready if it is possible to pull him out and wait...she said that is definitely an option...although I wonder if that is a good option for my son?


The "real" me wants to wait and keep him home with me for another year. I absolutely LOVE having him home during the day. It is our special time together... However, will I regret that I didn't at least try it? Will he be bored if I wait? What will the teacher immature kindergartener who may listen because he loves to learn or a bored kindergartner that may or may not pay attention??? *sigh*

This is how my mind works...I just want it all to be PERFECT and make the BEST decisions for my little man. What to do....

Any thoughts?!?!

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  1. Autumn have you thought about a pre-k? I put Jacob in a pre-k because he was a young five year old. It didn't hurt him at all. My sis-in-law also waited a year for my niece and Jacob and her are both doing great! They are both at the top of their classes. Whitney Young has a great pre-k program and its only half days. They only do Pre-K and Kindergarten.
    Hope this helps:-)