Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today's blog was supposed to be a "catch up" from all of the crazy events that have taken place this Summer and to tell you how awesome this Summer has been with the girls home! Instead, I am using this as a vent, a shoulder to cry on, a journal...

Today when Logan went to therapy I asked Miss Deb to re-evaluate him because he has been literally crying that his arms hurt. Logan is one tough cookie, and I was a little concerned. She checked him out and pulled me aside. She said she thinks it is time for Logan to see a neurologist (which I thought we had, but appearantly we saw a neuropsycologist). After evaluating him today he has lost all of what he had been gaining from PT. She said that his muscle tone in his core and legs have decreased significantly (which for a while we were gaining muscle and it seemed to be going great) and that he has developed a "tremor" in his right leg (which I had noticed, but just thought it was something quirky). She told me that with her experience (she has been doing this over 20 years and is the BEST in Fort Wayne) she believes that this is a muscular disorder. She said he needs to be tested for Muscular Dystrophy. She said that his symtoms: muscle weakness, toe walking, drooling, frequent falling/off balance, difficulty breathing (asthma/apnea - he has both), fatigue, tightening of the heels, and large calves are ALL in the MD category.

If you know me...you know I was all about GOOGLE-ing this when I got home...all I did was read ONE article and I cannot stand to read anything else.

So on to making a neurologist appointment and a check-in with his pediatrician. I am really at a loss for words!

Please pray for my little guy. I love him so much! He is tough and even if this IS what we are dealing with I don't think for one second it is going to slow him down. I guess this also reinforces my decision to keep him home another year and wait on Kindergarten until next year.

Take care!

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