Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Logan Update:

Yesterday we visited Logan's psychiatrist for a "check-in." We discussed many things. One in particular was that my husband accidentally took Logan's medication (mistook it for his own when I handed it to him) while we were in Florida and it knocked him out completely - to the point it was SCARY! He couldn't wake up! He was like that on the beach for over 8 hours (and has a nice sunburn to prove it). After that incident we decided that the medication seems so harsh - How in the world if a grown man 10 times the size of Logan can't take it, can he take it? We discussed this with his doctor and she explained that his brain is made up completely different. Obviously that it why he can still be hyper as all get out and not be affected the same way as my dear husband.

Neil and I had also discussed prior to going that we would like her to wean him off of all his medications so that we can see what his "normal" is. He has been on medications for almost 2 years for his developmental delay/mood disorder/ADHD. There has never been a complete stop between the med changes - they (the drs) always phase from one right to the other. We have no idea what to expect - it may be pure hell - but it may be a huge surprise. In my gut I just feel like maybe it's the medications with some of the behavior issues - like them causing him to be over tired and cranky. I don't know. All I know is that I don't know what is right - I just don't! I wish more than anything in the world I could fix him - I could heal him - and it all be done. But then again - what would it be to fix him...would it still be him? Or would it be someone he isn't?! These are the things that I know that run through my head and other special need's moms heads quite frequently. It really is a whole different world...and sometimes you wonder if anyone gets it at all. Anyhow - off the tangent and on to the appointment.

So Dr. B agreed to start the weaning process. I am kind of excited. I will deal with the tantrums and what-not just to see what he is like completely off of the meds. I will try and keep a journal of our day-by-day progress (or regression) whichever road it takes us down. We are also enlisting a behavioral therapist for Logan to see at least once a week - I am still waiting for her phone call - so I will update more on that later, too.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about our journey - Logan's journey. I will do whatever I can to help him through this phase (at least that is what I like to think it is). This is the place where I come to release my thoughts, my goals for him, and his progress.

Until next update,



  1. Following your gut isnt always an easy thing to to.. not knowing the outcome. I admire your courage to do so, the love for your child can make anything possible. If you need someone to talk to, you can call me or we can meet here or there anytime.


    1. You are too sweet! Thanks for being there!

  2. Um, yes, totally scary that your hubby got knocked out on your tiny boy's meds!!! I'd be re-thinking that med and contacting my doc too! I think taking your son off everything to find what his "normal" is is a fantastic idea. I'd then start documenting in a binder what his moods/behaivor/appetite etc... do with each addition you add back in. Just a thought:) BTW-I tried to find you on FB and there are A LOT of ladies with your same name! I couldn't ever find you:(

    1. Heather try Autumn Marret Lewis :) I think I use my maiden name too.