Sunday, July 1, 2012

What comes to mind currently:

1.) My girls are out of town and I miss them...SO MUCH.

2.) My constant worry for Logan is ever-present. I just want to fix everything!

3.) Money doesn't make me like you any more, just so you know.

4.) If you haven't been 100% supportive of Logan and our not ever think that Logan won't remember it. My child has THE BEST memory in the world. Seriously.

5.) Not everyone has unconditional sucks! Luckily my husband, myself, and our children do.

6.) We have had a rough week (as if you can't tell from previous statements).

7.) Logan has had many issues listening, obeying, and coping this last week. I think part of it is the medication getting out of his system and the other part is missing his sisters. His routine is off.

8.) Tomorrow we see Logan's new behavioral therapist. Pray that we "click." Pray that she can help him and help us to better understand what we need to do as parents to help our child.

9.) We took Logan to see "Brave" and it was pretty good. It kept his attention and he was still the entire time!

10.) I am missing the beach and the 2 week vacation we had. Selfishly I feel as though I could totally use more vacation time. I wish I could live "vacation." This "every day life" gets quite hard some days.

11.) Shopping/Cooking are my coping mechanisms. Neither which are good habits...

12.) I could start excercising again - since it has been a few weeks - but I don't really feel like it.

I will write a nicer blog later about my baby turning 6...but tonight it's a carry-out dinner, bubble bath, and a glass of wine kind of night. :)


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