Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This past weekend we took Logan to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. Neil and I decided that he could pick out a special place he wanted to go. His sisters had been travelling the Eastern U.S. with Grandma C for 2 weeks and we deserved something! His choices were Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (which I was secretly hoping he would pick), an overnight stay at Splash Universe in Shipshewanna, or the Indianapolis Children's Museum. He picked the museum. We have taken him every single year and he absolutely loves it!

Behavior-wise he did fairly well. There were a few instances where he got angry with other children because they would want to touch what he had or accidentally bump into him...but all in all he did okay. We were able to redirect him which was the most important thing. Here are a few pictures from our time there:

This was one of his favorite dinosaurs and he requested this picture with his daddy.

He loved the HotWheels Exhibit...and the mini-bikes!

We have always gone to see the plays that they have - they do such an amazing job!!! This was Logan's highlight of the day!

This is Logan with the pirate from the play - He was actually in the last play we went to, too! :)

This was Logan exploring the shipwrecked cannons. They also had a real cannon that was 300 years old (being preserved) on display, too.

This was the HotWheels ring of fire that we got to walk through!

So we finished our fun day with a stop at Hamilton Town Center Mall for a bite to eat and dessert! I would say it was a pretty sucessful trip! ;)


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