Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Unique Christmas

Between all of the doctors appointments, therapy appointments, moving, etc. our Christmas this year was anything but our traditional Christmas... Usually we go to the Christmas Eve service at our local church, have my family over to our house for dinner and presents, finish up all of the wrapping, go to bed late, get up early and make a celebration breakfast for Jesus' Birthday and sing "Happy Birthday", then we do gifts, head to my grandparents and have lunch, come home, and the kids play the rest of the evening.... Sounds good, right?! :)

For those of you who know me well understand that I am a little OCD when it comes to schedules. I like things to be the same and I like to do the same thing each year. I do not like the fact that things change and circumstances change...unexpectedly... I LOVE ROUTINE.

This year our Christmas was celebrated completely different... We spent Christmas Eve @ my mother-in-laws house opening gifts and having a late dinner. Then we decided to have a "slumber party" @ my parents house so that the kids could all wake up and be together on Christmas morning and my parents would have all of their children and grandchildren there on Christmas Morning for probably the last time... We are all grown up with children of our own, my sister and her husband are moving out of my parents house this coming year, my brother will be stationed in Texas, etc. So it was a Christmas to remember!

The kiddos enjoyed being all together as a big GIANT family...and the fact that Santa made a detour and brought the gifts to my mom and dads house.

There was one thing that remained the same though...the reason for celebrating. :) On Christmas Day our Savior was born... So no matter how different, stressed out, and unsettled I feel this year, I am still thankful for our Lord Jesus Christ. He is in control. I just remind myself that He knows the plans He has for me. This brings me JOY.

Merry Christmas to everyone! We are truly blessed to know each and every one of you. Thank you for all the love, support, and kindness you have shown to our family. Our lives would not be the same without any of you!!!

The Lewis Family

Here are some pics from Christmas Morning:

Logan Hunter with his Pirate Ship! My special boy!

Hailey Grace with "Squinkies!"

Emily Faith with her DS

Hailey with her new pet! ;)

Emily opening gifts!!!

My Love-Bug! Who couldn't love this smile!!!

My brother with his daughter on her FIRST Christmas! I love my sweet niece Nayomie!

These are my 3 blessings! I love each one of them sooooo much!

They had a GREAT time at Nana and Papa's House! All 5 together!

My sweet nephew Madden. He loved his presents!!!

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