Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Years...Confusion!

First of all I would like to wish each one of you reading this a  Happy New Year 2011!!! We started out our New Year's by celebrating with our 3 children and having our own toast at 10:00 p.m. (which was our "midnight")! Our life really isn't all that exciting! :)

Yesterday was one of our long awaited appointments that I was sure would be one of the Ah-Ha! moments with Logan. We had waited 3 MONTHS to get into Dr. D who is a neuropsychologist. I made my husband leave work to accompany Logan and I at this I said...I was sure we were going to have that Ah-Ha! moment.

First, we arrived and waited over an hour in the waiting room (which I am totally a FORGIVING person. I have made doctors late with other patients and I COMPLETELY understand being late...that is if you are not chit-chatting with the receptionist about your oh-sooo-fun weekend for over 30 minutes while I sit in the waiting room listening to it).

Then (when we were finally called back) we went into his office, he introduced himself, hopped on his computer, and asked what was going on. I started to explain our situation and <I kid you not> EVERY SINGLE TIME he asked me a question and I went to answer...he would interupt me and ask a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT question...and I was NOT rambling! I am not sure he heard much of what we said.

He made a few phone calls while I was in the room...informed me that Logan's EEG came back normal, which I knew it would...he doesn't have seizures, told me that he needed to be prescribed ADHD meds, said that in 5 years he could be bi-polar, and that we could call a behavior therapist. Then basically left the room. He did not even talk to Logan or observe Logan... I was a little upset, but remained pleasant and respectful to him. I had sooooo many other questions that he didn't even let me address. I am thinking about sending him an honest and respectful letter explaining the questions I still have and my thoughts on the appointment. I wanted to ask why Logan doesn't interact well with children, why he does these high pitch squeals, why he will spin in circles, why he SMELLS EVERYTHING, why he doesn't even feel when he gets hurt, why his balance is off, why he hurts others, why he intentionally hurts himself, and why he drools all of the time. I just had A LOT of WHYS! It totally doesn't go with ADHD. I have had the psychiatrist, psychologist, and the geneticist all tell me something is "off."

Soooo...that is how our much anticipated meet with Dr. D went.

We see Dr. Bader, his geneticist, on the 18th. At this appointment we will discuss her findings and her opinion on what is going on. I am not getting my hopes up for this appointment.

In the meantime we will continue with the Speech and Occupational Therapy once a week. I did put in a call to the behavioral therapist and to the school system to have him evaluated to see if he qualifies for a "special needs" preschool. I honestly hate the thought of anyone else caring for him besides myself, but I know that he needs interaction with other children and adults that can tolerate him. If he qualifies, I will probably going with him!

Keep the prayers coming for the guidance of the Doctor's who are treating my little man!

I will keep the updates coming as I receive them!



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