Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Step In The Right Direction!

I think we are noticing a difference in Logan's behavior (not tremendously, but definitely a difference) since starting the whole corn-free diet. Out of the last 4 days I have only messed up twice. Both times I completely FORGOT!

The girls had a Snow Day this past Wednesday (our first official "corn-free" day) and we had quite a bit of snow...I got everyone all dressed in their 10 million layers, hats, gloves, etc. and took them out sledding. We all had a blast. When we came in I made hot chocolate w/ marshmallows...little did I even know or think that the marshmallows contain HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). I was highly disappointed in myself when I was reading all of the info and doing research on the internet at naptime when I came across the whole NO MARSHMALLOWS article. He was a little fidgety, but not too bad.

The very next morning (Thursday) we got him and the girls up and got everyone ready and took them out to breakfast. Logan and my husband ordered biscuits and gravy. Logan ate really well! I was happy, bc lately he hasn't been eating breakfast that good. We had a few errands to run and let me tell you...he was a TERROR. He was talking back, kicking, and just really off. I got to thinking about what he had eaten to see if it was related and realized that the biscuits and gravy were loaded with corn ingredients... Ugh. It took him 45 mins to settle down to fall asleep at nap and almost 2 HOURS at bedtime! He threw numerous tantrums throughout the entire day.

Since Thursday I have been like Super Mom making sure he is eating CORN-FREE EVERYTHING. We honestly have not had a tantrum since Thursday. An occasional disagreement (BUT HE"S 4) here and there, but no hitting me, kicking me, etc.

If you remember in the past blog, I said my husband was VERY skeptical of the whole food allergies/behavior link....I asked him today what he thought and he is now completely on board after seeing the results first hand. He is amazed at the differences we are noticing already in just the short amount of time we have been doing this. This makes it A LOT easier having his support and understanding.

The real challenge was tonight when Grandma took the kiddos. I was seriously going out of my mind bc I knew that she didn't know all of the ingredients that he wasn't allowed to have... Luckily she did call and read the ingredients to my husband and got dinner approved before feeding him. He did come home and we had no tantrums and he went to bed really easy, so she did a pretty good job!

Well, I have got to get to sleep. 7 a.m. comes wayyyy to early! Have a Happy Sunday! :)

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