Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

Last night I told the kiddos that if today we had a "snow day" that we would to build a snow man because we have yet to make one this year! I was for sure the girls would have a school cancellation today with all of the snow that we received, but they didn't! It was only a two hour delay. Bummer!!! So...I took the girls to school and decided that Logan and I would still play in the snow...but he really missed his sister's and so did I! On the other hand, the snow was still "powdery" and not good snow-man-making snow... So we will save that for another day!

Here are a few pics I took while Logan played! :) I LOVE THIS BOY!

My Sweet Boy!
My little laugh of the day: While we were on our way home from taking the girls to school he said "I lost my gum!" (he had had a piece of gum in his coat pocket that he was "saving...") And I jokingly responded "Oh No! Did you lose your marbles, too???" And he says to me "Mommy! It was gum, not was round like a marble, but it was definitely gum!" He just cracks me up! :)

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