Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 8 of Intuniv

The last few days I did not document Logan's behavior on his new medicine Intuniv. Quite honestly, I have been down with a few kidney stones (with one that is lodged in the ureter...ouch!).He is back to not sleeping (the last 3 nights he hasn't fallen asleep until almost 11 and wakes up throughout the night), throwing massive tantrums over silly things, hitting and kicking me, and back to hurting himself. This boy has got to be exhausted! I know for sure that I am...

This morning he threw a fit (about not wanting to take a bath) and ended up falling down 4 or 5 stairs (he started to jump to throw his tantrum and lost his balance) and it scared the you-know-what out of him and I both!!! I ran down, scooped him up, made sure he was okay (which he was), and then explained to him why it happened. I explained to him how when he throws his tantrums he forgets the things that are around him and how he could have been a lot more hurt. It just made me a nervous wreck! He throws himself around a lot. I am so scared that he is going to really hurt himself one day. I sure hope we can get this figured out soon!

After that I brought him downstairs to the playroom and we played a little bit. I decided to bring his "Moon Dough Magic Barnyard" out and he did awesome! I think I sat there and played with him for 40-45 minutes!

He was pretty wiggly @ lunch, but he did manage to eat well. I mentioned that after lunch it would be nap time and he was not happy with that idea. He finished up and went to go down to the basement and I reminded him that it was naptime....oh, that ticked him off! So needless to say, he had a major meltdown. Kicking, screaming, banging his head...all of which we have to ignore and not feed into. It's HARD to maintain a calm and positive demeanor in this situation, but I have developed the ability to breathe and peacefully move through it most times! :) I calmly said "Logan, it is now naptime. I am sorry you are choosing to throw this tantrum, but now it is straight to bed. If you had gotten into your bed nicely, we could have read a story." It breaks my heart to leave him screaming in his room. I often feel like crying with him! I just wish that I could make it ALL go away. far as the medicine making that "huge" difference I thought I was seeing...maybe not. I am kind of convinced that whatever is causing the PDD and tantrums (even though we do not have the exact diagnostic name) causes him to have good days and bad days. Just like any other human being...only a little more severe. It's kind of like a one step forward and two steps back kind of week.

Well, I am going to go enjoy the rest of naptime... Hope you all have a great day!

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