Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yes, Another Blog...

I know, I know...I just blogged yesterday! So you are probably wondering why the heck am I blogging again??? Well...I wasn't going to...I have actually held back ALL DAY, but I got soooo much more information at our OT appointment today I have got to share.

A couple of exciting things:

When we arrived (15 mins early) Logan's PT, Miss Deb that we saw yesterday, came out and wanted to "borrow" Logan... There was a company called SureStep that was in the building today and they actually had Logan walk on a mat with pressure sensors, along with video footage, to evaluate what his walking capabilities are. They did this with his shoes on, with his shoes off, and with braces on. When they were finished the lady doing this actually reviewed the findings with us. Logan walks toe to mid-foot. His heel doesn't even touch the ground when walking. An average person walks heel to toe. The braces did make a HUGE difference, but his therapist actually wants to wait so that she may use the next month or so to extend his range of motion naturally. If he would have the braces put on now it would take his foot from a 60 degree angle to a 90 degree angle without any excercise and it would be very painful! Needless to say, I am super happy we showed up 15 minutes early today! :)

We also reviewed his "sensory profile" results today with Miss Krista (OT). Logan scored "definite difference" in all catagories. This indicates that Logan is hypersensitive. We already kind of knew that he goes into "sensory overload" pretty easy. They have put him on what they refer to as a "sensory diet."

The sensory diet consists of tactile activities that help to desensitize him. These activities include finger painting, gluing, cutting, etc. We were also introduced to the "Wilbarger's Brushing Program." I have never seen anything like it. We have a soft brush that we take and do 10 repetitions of running the brush down each arm, each leg, and each side of his back. Following this we do joint compressions. We start with his arm/shoulder and gently push the arm toward the shoulder, then we move to the elbow and gently push the forearm and the upper arm toward eachother, etc. We do this to each joint including the hips, knees, ankles, and so on. This is done every 90 mins unless he is sleeping. He seem's to get really fidgety because he doesn't like to be touched, but the therapist has reassured us that after he gets used to it, it will create a calming effect.

The last thing that I thought was weird is that Logan has never had a nose bleed, and today his nose was bleeding off and on. It was strange! Of course you have ME who OVER THINKS EVERYTHING... I am sitting here wondering if somehow the joint compression could have caused the nose to bleed. Random thought, I know, but he has never had one and we have never done the joint compressions. Today we did joint compressions every 90 mins and his nose bled at least 7-8 times today. Hmmmm. I don't know?!

I am also super excited for tomorrow...it is his speech evaluation @ Turnstone! He got super lucky and is being evaluated by the BEST professor I had at IPFW who is a SLP. She is awesome! So I am looking forward to seeing her and having her do the eval. :)

Anyhow, thanks for hearing me babble! I just had to put out the update...


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