Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Child...

I don't know where to start... Our Logan has made soooo much progress in these last few weeks. We have been following the corn-free diet for him for over a month now. His behavior is night and day from what it was about 2 months ago. He was aggressive, never satisfied, always spinning, bouncing, hurting himself, and had violent outbursts towards anyone that upset him. He would not let you touch him, let alone cuddle him! Now...he is a calm and sweet boy. He is open to redirection, doesn't throw tantrums, and is completely affectionate. Anyone that knows Logan knows that he has made tremendous changes. I saw a lady from church at the grocery yesterday and she went on and on about how she couldn't believe it. He can walk, hold your hand, and be pleasant in the store...and that is on top of the extra time it takes to read EVERY.SINGLE.LABEL. We are just amazed at the differences we are witnessing! 

There have been the occasional mess-ups where I have slipped and given him something with corn and you can tell within 12-24 hours. His face gets a bumpy little rash and he gets hyper. Last week when Hailey came home sick from school I made her some tomato soup and I was so caught up in pampering her that when Logan asked for some of the tomato soup, I gave it to him not even thinking. Sure enough the 2nd ingredient in Campbell's Tomato Soup is high-fructose corn syrup. The next day his face was so red and bumpy and he couldn't calm himself down.

Needless to say we are forever grateful to Dr. Smits...Thanks to him Logan is a happy, healthy, and sweet little boy. My husband and I are still in awe that an allergy could result in these kinds of behaviors!   

We have decided that Logan is not going to go to preschool this year. I am working with him daily on his alphabet, numbers, colors, etc. and we have no doubt that he will be caught up, if not ahead, of the kids when he heads into Kindergarten. I want to take advantage of the time I get to spend with him. Over the last month or so our bond has become much stronger! :) Our little man is growing up!  

This is a picture of Logan sleeping on my mom and dad's couch. He loves his Nana and Papa's house!
Thanks for taking the time to read about Logan's progress! Love y'all!


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