Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun with my boy!

This past week Logan started T-ball! I think Neil and I had just as much fun as Logan did! He remained focused for almost the entire time... :) Sorry about his shaggy hair! He got a haircut right after this! Ha!
My big boy!

He's such a fast runner!!! :)

Best hit of the game! Go Logan!

Between T-Ball and Lap Club (his swim team) it has been an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. A year ago I would have never believed that my boy would be able to do "organized" sports with peers his own age. It definitely brings a tear to my eye when I think about his progress. He has taught me the true meaning of "patience." Things happen when they are supposed to, not when we always want them to.

Speaking of Lap Club, Logan is doing awesome! He absolutely LOVES the coaches husband that volunteers and has become his designated helper. He "graduated" from wearing the swim belt and arm floaties to only wearing the arm floaties!!! :) He has also become friends with a little girl in the class and she is adorable! They share a snack in the locker room and hold hands the entire way to the car. Let me just tell is SO CUTE and INNOCENT

His behavior has been a little worse these last few weeks, but I didn't really want to "report" that in hopes that it would subside, however, we (not the doc) realized that when Logan was switched from the liquid form of Zyrtec to the pill form... the pill form contains "corn starch." Ugh! Why do things have to be difficult?!  The allergist has us giving Benadryl for a week so that the corn can get out of his system and then go back to the liquid Zyrtec. I am hoping that this helps! It has been a little crazy!

Logan will be getting his customized orthotic braces in 2 weeks... We have been using the "toe-offs" and they are working, but he still manages to keep his left heel from touching the ground when he is walking. This will make it so that the bottom will form to his foot and prevent him from manipulating the braces.

Mother's Day was fabulous. We took a trip to the zoo. It was packed, but we had a fun time! I didn't manage to snap any pictures...I just enjoyed the time with all of my lovebugs!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well! We are headed out to enjoy the SUNSHINE!!! Take care!

Here are a couple of silly pics I got this afternoon! My handsome little officer!


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