Monday, September 3, 2012

Logan Has Survived 2 Weeks Of Kindergarten!

Do you know how many times I write an entire paragraph only to re-read it and erase it... A LOT. In the last 2 weeks I have started to blog a few times, but I just can't find the right words... I have had writers block (which seems kind of silly when I am only writting about reality). Goodness!

Last Monday we had a meeting with several teachers, therapists, Logan's teacher, the principal, and Logan's new advocate. It went really well... It was all really nice to hear. At the meeting Logan's teacher had nothing negative to say. She said the only thing that he was really having some difficulty with was transition, but she was hopeful that with time the transitions would smooth out as well. So all in all it was a great meeting.

Next day (Tuesday) he came home in a pretty rotten mood, but said his school day went well. Not even an hour later my phone was ringing and Mrs. Q was on the phone. Logan had been playing "Tag" on the playground and kept pulling on the other kids shirts and not letting go. The recess supervisor had asked him several times to stop, but Logan just kept tugging away. The recess supervisor asked Logan to take a timeout to which he replied "No." She warned him that if he refused his timeout that she was going to take him to the office. Logan still refused his timeout and halfway to the office stopped dead in his tracks and refused to go any further. Therefore the therapist and principal came and talked to him, took him to the office, and continued with their talk.

Wednesday and Thursday were good. Thursday when he came home he had a scraped up nose. I asked him what the heck had happened... He said a boy stepped on his shoelace and pushed him from up on the swingset by the fire pole. I asked him if he knew the boys name and he said no... I asked him if he knew any of the kids names and he got a HUGE smile on his face. I asked him whose name he knew and he said "Nora!" I then asked him why he could remember Nora's name, but not any of the other kids names and he replies "Because she is so pretty and I love her mom, that's why!!!" It was priceless! I wish I could have had it on video!

Friday when I went to pick them up in carline Gracie came out and Logan was still inside. She informed me that Logan was with the principal because he punched a little girl who was bossing Logan to sit down and be quiet (these really are the rules of the carline). I went and parked. As I walked in I was kind of embarrassed. Who knew what kind of tantrum it was and all of the teachers seemed to be staring. When I found him he was with Mr. L (the principal) and discussing his behavior. Thank goodness for Mr. L who (so far) seems to have the patience of a saint! He told Logan that all rules that they have aren't just "Logan Rules" but they are for everyone, including himself. I think Logan may have understood that a little better, but who knows. They high-fived one another and agreed next week would be much better.

Logan has had a pretty good Labor day weekend. We spent almost the entire weekend at the Fort Wayne Air Show hosted by the Air Nat'l Guard. It was awesome! Tomorrow we resume the school routine. He did sit on my lap last night and said that he feels like crying when he is at school but he doesn't. He said that it hurts to swallow when he misses me so much, but he doesn't want the other kids to know he is sad. How sweet is that...

Well - I hope you all have a FABULOUS week ahead of you! Cheers to a positive *short* week!



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