Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Passport To Our City: Fort Wayne
This past weekend our city hosted something called "Be A Tourist In Your Hometown." We don't go into Downtown Fort Wayne very often, so this was the perfect opportunity to explore! Here is a look at our fun time through pictures!
This was at the Old Fort
The kids getting their passport stamped

Making "old" toys - wooden tops.

Logan and Grandma checking out the old brick oven.

My Gracie Girl checking out what was in the cabins. This was in the Lieutenant's cabin. :)

Posing in front of the fort.

Emily with the real cannon that they actually used back then.

Logan and Daddy with the cannon.

A bigger cannon that Logan had to have his pic with!
On our way to the Courthouse!
A view of Fort Wayne from a bridge crossing the river.

Kids in front of the courthouse.

It really has immaculate details inside.

I love these kids!

My sweet boy peeking around the pillar.
Leaving the Courthouse.

We stopped and got a bite to eat at The Gas House - where Neil purposed (awww).
I took about 5 pics here - this is the best I could get. Crazy kids!

The Lincoln Tower
Pay close attention to the very top where the flag is - we were up there 23 stories!

Looking out from the top of the tower over downtown. It was a little freaky - only a small wall and a LONG way down.

Downtown Fort Wayne.

Parkview Field.

Checking out his city with Daddy.

They thought this was so cool!

Emily snapped our picture - :)

The Embassy:
This is a theatre located downtown. It is gorgeous! I didn't get anymore pics here because I dropped my phone and it fell 15 ft below the stage.

Botanical Garden and Conservatory:
My Hailey Grace

Logan Hunter :) He did so well!

Just because I LOVE these bleeding hearts!

A little bistro in the garden! They just needed some tea! ;)

A picture with Grandma (Neil's mom) @ Botanical.

This was the LONG, WHINY, EXHAUSTING trip back to the car! I don't know how many miles we walked, but it was A LOT! All in all everyone had a great day! Love the family time!
What did you do this weekend?!

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