Monday, January 23, 2012


My sweet boy is currently in route to southern Indiana as I speak as I type! This will be his first time away from me since before Summer of 2011. It sounds silly, rather ridiculous even, but I don't like the kids being more than a 5-10 minute drive away....just in case something happens. Must be the "motherly instict" that just overflows! Our kiddos only ever stay with my mom, my hubbys mom, or my sister. It's just how we roll! Maybe I watch too much news, but you can NEVER be too safe!

This past week has been STRESSFUL! I have always been honest in my blog and will continue to do here it goes...I got 2 tickets! Ugh!!! One for speeding and one for forgetting to have my car registered on time! Sucky!!! I have learned that these 2 tickets are valued at $300! What a deal... YIKES. Not to mention that this happened on our way to go to a couple of house showings because we are in the market to buy a new house. So on top of these 2 tickets that I received, I have had the stress of house hunting...

When we purchased our first house it went fast... We were newbies and saw the yard of our house and it was instantly SOLD! However, we quickly learned that 1100 sq feet is quite constrictive...and by the time we had 3 kiddos, 2 dogs, and stuff that multiplies like wild rabbits...we were busting at the seams! So we are on a hunt to find "our forever home" (or at least something that will suffice until the kids are out of high school). We have learned that we need a large kitchen because we spend a LOT of time in it, we need something with 4 bedrooms, we need a 2 car garage, we need AT LEAST 2 bathrooms, and we need a better school district for our 3 amazing kiddos! :) I have a feeling in the next 2 weeks we should know something "more." We have a few houses in mind so we shall see if offers are placed and what becomes of this part of the stress.

Speaking of stress...Logan's behavior has been quite stressful lately. The agression and moodiness have been ten fold these past few weeks. It could be that we became lax with his diet, because my husband is working 3 jobs and going back to school full-time for his Bachelors/Masters, or because we have been couped up inside due to crappy weather! ...OR it could be that he is just plain sick of his Momma and needs a break considering he is with me 24/7! He may just come home feeling all nice and refreshed! We shall see! :)

These next few days the girls and I will be able to have some GIRL TIME w/out BOY INTERUPTIONS! Ha! I see mani's and pedi's in our near future! Tonight we had a dinner date and are going to have some delish chocolate eclair cake Logan, Madden, and I whipped up today!

Hope you have a fabulous stress-free week! Hugs!

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