Monday, February 27, 2012

A Sick Boy...

This weekend was pretty long and uneventful. Logan was sick the entire weekend (and is still sick yet today). Thursday he developed a cough that lingered throughout the day. I thought it might be the dust stirred up from all of the packing I have done (with moving right around the corner...). Friday he developed a fever accompanied with the cough, runny nose, and sore throat. Definitely not the dust...he is a sick little man!

We spent the entire weekend being quite lazy... It was a movie/cuddle type of weekend. He was/is pretty much miserable and I just hate it for him. :(

Picking up the girls on Friday...that is his stuffed chinchilla and his "Jesus blankie" that he sleeps with every night.

Laying in Mommy's bed watching some tv...

Glassy eyes, red nose, messy hair... My sick baby. :(

 I am not one that is quick to jump to the doctor...but if it doesn't start improving soon, we might just have to make a trip to Dr. T!  With my husband in the medical field I have learned that relying on antibiotics for every single cold, cough, and what-not is NOT a good thing and doesn't allow the immune system to fully develop. I truly believe that this is why Neil, myself, and the kids don't get every single cold, cough, flu, etc that goes around...

Well - my little man is awake now- going to go and make him some tea and toast! Have a fabulous day!

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