Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another funny by Logan:

Today we were sitting at lunch chatting and Logan says to me:

"You know what Mommy?"

"What Logan?"

"Did you know I'm famous"

 "What?!" (kind of laughing)

"For real... I am...all of my friends at school know it too!"

"Are your friends famous?"

"Nope! Just me! Aren't you happy?"

"Well, sure! I am just curious though...what makes you famous?"

"Well, I say "what's up bro" and do a wave like this (demonstrates a nod and a hand slightly raised up...like a guy in Hollywood...) and all the girls like it! And Nicholas wants to be like me...)"

This child cracks me up! I'm just sure there has to be more to the story... :) These are the silly 5 yr old conversations I don't ever want to forget!

Another one that Logan has been saying forever is "a long day ago" meaning yesterday.... Ha!

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