Friday, April 6, 2012

Our last month in pics!

Forgive me for not updating the blog... It got put on the back burner due to our move! We are now settled in and loving the new neighborhood, school system, etc! :) It was such a smooth move and transition. We are so blessed and thankful. God has showered us with so many blessings this year already!

Before I share pics I have some more awesome news to share with you all!!! Logan has been released from OT and PT! He is now age appropriate with his muscular coordination and sensory issues. I know there will be some little things that will be ongoing, but nothing this momma isn't equiped to handle! He is still in speech therapy and probably has a little ways to go, but we are making progress by leaps and bounds in this area, too! He is also seeing a new children's psychiatrist that is regulating his medications, and we have been thrilled by the progress she has made with him in the short ammount of time we have been with her. Once again, so much to be thankful for!

Now onto pictures since it would probably take me forever and a day to try and tell each and everyone of you what all we did this past month:

Girls first day @ new school!
(they love it)

 Neil and The Kiddos @ The Home and Garden Show:
(not the best pic, but I just wanted to take the pic and get away from the reptile!!!)

 Logan getting all trimmed up for Easter!

Gracie and Logan @ The Outdoor Show:

Our Neighborhood Park...
(It's been an unusually warm Spring. We had 80 degree weather in March - In INDIANA)

Mr. Logan just a swingin':

Educational time with Mommy @ Science Central:
(On Friday's he doesn't have preschool so I try and make that our mommy and me time)

That is it for now guys! I need to do a birthday post for Emily and Easter is almost here, too! So I need to snap some Spring Pics of my sweetie pie's! :)

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Cute pics. Looks like you guys have lots of fun!