Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sick Boy

I thought I would update everyone on how Logan's therapies are going and what he is doing during his therapy sessions. This past week was very cool - We found out that the braces on Logan are actually proving to be helpful and Mrs. Deb saw a big difference. Logan also got to get into the pool. Mrs. Deb worked on his swimming techniques and getting him used to the water. He was such a big boy, but a little afraid that he couldn't touch the bottom of the pool. She put a swim band around his waist and arm floats on and after a little while he was like a little fish swimming all around! Then he transitioned from PT to OT with Miss Krista. They did a super fun activity this week - They made playdough by mixing water, flour, and koolaid. The koolaid gave the dough its color and it smells yummy!

When Logan got home from therapy he was 100% EXHAUSTED! He actually asked if he could take a nap... I should have known that there was something else going on besides just being tired because he never asks to take a nap. Sure enough when he got up, he was running a 102 temp. He is still not feeling well. Not really sure what is going on with him - guessing it is kind of like a flu-bug. He has not had any coughing, puking, sneezing, runny nose...anything. Just laying around, sleeping, not eating, accompanied by the 102-103 temp.

Hopefully he will start to feel better soon. I just hate to see him so sad and weak. It breaks my heart!

Well, I am going to go and cuddle with my little lovebug. I think hugs and kisses sometimes work better than medicine! ;)


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