Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who is this child?!?!

We are finally settled into the new home! This is great news right!?!? Yep, minus the fact that Logan seems to be a different child. I expected there to be some upset with moving from "his" home, but I didn't know that this is how he would act. I was thinking: clingy, a little hyper, trouble sleeping... that sorta thing. He is handling it different. He is bouncing off the walls, not napping, sticking his tongue out, and talking really sassy when asked to do something... I just feel so bad for him! The only way I know how to correct this is to stand my ground and stick to our strict routine. This has worked in the past, and I am sure it will work again. He is just a routine kinda boy!

Today has been better. I put him to bed at exactly 8:30 p.m. last night (with his documentary that he watches EVERY night) and let him know that if he got up he would loose the T.V. He was out in 10 minutes! He got up this morning and we took his sister to the doctor. He did give me a little attitude about wanting to sit on the doctors spinning chair, but I quickly diverted that and we read a book instead. Then we had to go the license branch and he was not pleasant...but how fun is that place anyways?!?! He ate lunch and then laid down for his nap. He is now ASLEEP!!! :)

Hopefully the extra love and our old routine will help him get back to normal soon!!!

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