Friday, April 1, 2011

Sickness out...Vitamins In!

It feels like it's been forever since the last time I blogged! Logan's behavior is better, but we are dealing with the wonderful sinus infections in our house. I am pretty sure that the behavior was the precursor to the sickness. I was hoping the antibiotics would kick it, but no luck so far. Must be viral! Logan has been sick off and on (although not contagious) since last Monday. In the past 4 days he has made up his own sleeping schedule which includes: napping 3-4 times a day and staying up all night. I feel like I have a newborn again. I forgot what sleepless nights were like!!! :)

I don't really have much to post because he has slept, missed therapy, and been super clingy. 

This past Wednesday we went to Takaoka (a Japanese restaurant here in Fort Wayne, IN) to celebrate Emily's b-day and surprised her...little did we know that this was not the surprise she would have preferred. I just thought she was going to be soooo excited once we got there...FAIL! On the other hand, LOGAN LOVED IT! He seriously ate more food than his sister's and I put together! He was amazed that the chef was cooking right on our table...and he let it be known where HE will be celebrating his birthday! This was great bc it was all stuff (for the most part) that he could eat. I am almost positive he will be an awesome chef one day...his love for food and cooking is amazing.

We (hopefully) will resume therapy on Tuesday, however, Miss Deb will be out of town! Lucky her! We hope that she has a fabulous vacation! She deserves it!

Take care!!! I am sure there will be pics to follow tomorrows party!


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