Friday, April 8, 2011

Children's Museum!

Indianapolis Children's Museum Mini-Vaca:

We had a wonderful trip to the museum. The kiddos were fabulous! Great memories, great behavior! There are some pictures to follow...The best way to show and tell about our day!

 Logan very excited to be on our way! Equipped with plenty of "stuff" to entertain him on the drive!

Digging for dinosaur bones... Future archaeologist/paleontologist right here! :)

Stopped for a may notice he has learned to "fake" smile. Ha!

Logan and his sisters: Hailey in the middle, Emily on the far right.

Practicing being "Prince Charming" before going to the play "The Frog Prince."

This was Logan's FIRST play and he LOVED it! He sat so well!

Prince Logan and Princess Hailey at the castle! After the play he had his picture taken with all of the cast members...He is STILL talking about it today!

"Gwinny" the good witch. Logan LOVED her wand!

Logan with the princess who was beautiful, but not so nice...the moral of the story was "Never judge a book by its cover!"

Logan with Sir Lancealot Prancealot and his helper Arthur.

The Frog Prince.

The Princesses Maid...she was nice to the frog and ended up turning him into a prince!

Logan with Diego! Go Diego Go!

Logan at the water table...catching fish with his fish face! :)

Climbing the rock wall...Miss Deb (PT) and Miss Krista (OT) would be proud of him!

He thought this was just to look at...and when I told him he could get on it he got the BIGGEST smile!

Our sweet Emily...Logan's Big Sister!

Our sweet Hailey...Logan's big sister and partner in crime! Lol! We get told they look like twins ALL.THE.TIME! There is a 2 yr age difference.

Our little egyptian.

"Mommy, take my picture!"

Being a good boy and playing with the sand nicely!

I would highly recommend that if you are in or around Indy to take a day and stop by the museum! We have been there quite a few times...usually try to go once a year so that the exhibits are different! Right now they have a HUGE "Transformer" in the main lobby and also a pretty neat "Barbie" exhibit!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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