Friday, December 28, 2012


I have found much needed happiness in the last couple of weeks. A feeling that I have been longing to have for a while now. It's not just me feeling it either, it's my husband too! We are seeing some monumental changes. Let me share with you:

When we received the diagnosis of Aperger's just a couple of weeks ago, Dr. B had said that she thought bumping his doses of meds would help. I trust this woman one hundred percent, however, I just didn't think we would see these kinds of changes in our sweet boy. I am finding it hard to put it into words, but he is more aware...he is happy...he is more easily redirected...we have had maybe 2 tantrums in the last two weeks...and no hitting at home. He is just super sweet, starting to be cuddly(before he didn't even like to be touched the majority of the time), he allows me to massage his back (touching him usually overstimulates/irritates him), and he looks into my eyes when I am giving him a direction or correcting him. We even caught him cleaning the playroom after he was done playing. He is just all around more focused and grounded.

This isn't to say that he doesn't have struggles. He still struggles with being overstimulated when we have company, go in public, or he goes to school. I am hoping that after he goes back to school after Christmas Break his teacher will notice some changes. It is possible that she might not see what we do, and I am okay with that. He still has a hard time when we go to a store. We haven't tried going out to dinner yet... only time will tell.

I have to say that a few weeks ago my heart was hurting, it was all too new. I was scared and bitter. Today I am confident that we are headed in the right direction. My husband and I are on the same page and we will do whatever humanly possible to help our little man. We are a team...and the BEST one for Logan. We have relaxed a little more, laughed a little more, and enjoyed our time as a family. It has been the best few weeks of my life in a long time. I have been able to BREATHE. It sounds funny, but for the last year or so I felt like I have been holding my breath. I didn't realize it until I witnessed my sweet boy smile, curl up in my lap, look into my eyes, relax, and fall asleep in my arms. (He hasn't slept in my arms since he was an infant, and even then he didn't want to be held.)
Today while he was sitting at the table waiting for me to serve dinner he looked at his sister and said "Hailey, I love you." Typing it brings tears to my eyes because he verbalized his emotions - he has rarely done this. I jump for joy in our progress!   

Thank you for reading and catching up. I hope this brought a smile to your face. I know my heart feels like it has grown ten times! I hope each of you had a Merry Christmas. Enjoy a safe and blessed New Year. I will be spending it at home with the ones I love the most! :)


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